Monday, 5 January 2015


Last Tuesday I took my eldest grand daughter to Spotlight for a little shopping.  We had given her a voucher for Christmas plus there was a $10 off voucher which needed to be used.  She wanted some fabric to make a skirt.

We did well, and I just might have been a bit of a naughty girl!  Bit hard when we found that there was a 40% off sale on dress fabrics, plus extra discounts for VIP members. 

This is my booty.  I purchased the fabric to make the pink dress in the middle pattern.  The pattern for dolls clothes only happened because the patterns were 3 for $15 (discounted to $10 at the till.  Woo Hoo.  A win!)  Miss 8 is still very much into her dolls, so that will come in handy.
I have wanted a 50s waisted dress for a while, but as I am short waisted the ones off the rack all look bunched and weird, so I decided to try to make one.  First up I measured my back waist length and amended the pattern to suit.  BUT when I put it up against me I saw that it was far too short at the front.  What the??  So I reverted the pattern to its normal length (thankfully I had not cut it) and made up a calico bodice.

Then I fitted it to my shape with the assistance of the Dearly Beloved.  It appears I am short in the back and normal at the front.  What is that concave?? LOL.  No wonder nothing off the rack fits me. 
So then it was time to lay it all out and cut.
It was a juggle.  I had bought the last fabric off the roll, and there was not quite what the pattern stated I needed.  Directional fabric, so not much to play with, but I got there. 

Disaster struck almost as soon as I started sewing......

Over locking the first seam, I caught some of the fabric under the blade of the overlocker.  Bummer!!  I could have wept.  Or stamped my feet and howled more like it. 

No future going back to Spotlight - they had no more of this fabric.  A lovely friend on IG offered to go find some for me, then I called Spotlight central office, and they assured me that they would be able to supply it from one of there stores, so an order is in.  Phew! 

While waiting for the fabric to arrive, I have continued with the rest of the dress, and it is half made.  When I get the extra fabric, all I need to do is cut a new back bodice panel and fit it in to the rest of the bodice, then sew to the skirt.

Since Christmas, I have also made up a block for Aussie Hero Quilts. 

Hard to see in the photo, but I have signed the centre square.  The block will be made up with others, into a signature quilt for a serviceman currently serving overseas. 
I have also been busy cleaning out and tidying my sewing room.  Not much off loaded, but it feels good to be working in a clean and (almost) tidy workroom.  My desk still has far too much on it.  But I need to spend quite a few days sorting, actioning and filing the stuff on it, and I resent the time taken from my sewing time, so the piles of work are just sitting there.  Oh well.  Maybe one day....
My New Year's resolution is to complete a few of those WIPs and UFOs in the cupboard.  Seems that I am not the only one out there with a lot of those. 
What's yours??  Not doing too well, starting a new dress as my first project for 2015 am I?  LOL.
Til next time.....Keep on stitching.


  1. hi Dasha what a shame with the o/locker,yes spotlight will find you some more,cant wait to see it on you,then you will be very proud of your achievement,also love your block my friend.xx

  2. Hi Dasha - just popping in to wish you Happy New Year & also Happy Sewing in 2015.
    Seeing the doll clothes patterns reminds me of sewing for my own dolls as teen & also for my daughters.... fun times!

  3. What an adventure with your dress? I snipped a dress once too, a simple sundress. I flipped over the fabric, ironed a piece of fusible interfacing on the reverse side, and called myself done! I was a teenager, so that was my limit of ingenuity :) That's cute fabric, and I can't wait to see it done and on you. I love that style, was just thinking about that last night while watching a movie from 1952. The dresses were so lovely, so feminine without being fussy. Nicely fitted and flattering. My mother passed down to me a shirt dress like that, simple cotton. I wore it until I was too large for it.


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