Tuesday, 9 December 2014

When is a NewFO not a NewFO??

I had intended this post to coincide with the NewFO linky party that Barbara runs at Cat Patches, but what with going away etc.,  (excuses, excuses excuses!!), it has been sitting in Drafts for a couple of weeks.  Oh well.  Better late than never.
At the eleventh hour, the day before we left, and when I should really have been packing, I decided to get some hand sewing together for the trip.  Don't know about you, but I always take hand sewing with me when I go away.  I decided to rat through my collection of unstarted projects & kits to see if there was anything there I could grab.  I found this...
A sweet little kit for a cushion with some redwork embroidery on the front of it.  The pattern is by Picaninni Patchwork, and I have absolutely no idea where or when I bought it.  Most likely one of the craft shows I have been to, and a very long time ago.
Here is a close up of the embroidery.
So I traced it up, and was away.  But to be honest, I probably should not have got in a fuss about taking handwork, because this is all I managed to achieve in the 5 days we were away. 
To top it all off, my sweet little embroidery scissors were taken from me at the security gate at the airport.  Was I spitting chips!!  I had completely forgotten that I was only taking carry-on luggage.  I've flown so many times, I should have thought......
Oh well.  No point in carrying on about it (no pun intended, hee hee hee).  I shall just have to go to the LQS (good excuse eh?).

And as I am too late to link up to the linky party, I am just going to have to publish this post anyway.

Til next time.....Keep on stitching.


  1. That's a nice cushion cover and at least you got it started ...! That means your trip was so interesting that there was never a dull moment that needed filling with stitching. Sounds like a good holiday!

  2. Lovely pattern to take away... and yes I've ALMosT done the same thing with sissors OR sharp items... very annoying! :(

  3. That's a precious piece of stitchery! It will look gorgeous (but I'm a tea fan, so what can you expect?) So sorry about your scissors.


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