Monday, 8 December 2014

Slow Stitching Tonight

Today was my first whole day at home since 27th November.  That was the day we flew to Queensland for the bridge tournament.  Before you ask, we did very badly.  Sigh.

It was just about the first time I had sat down to the machine since then as well, although I did manage to squeeze in an hour or so on Wednesday. 

I put the binding onto Karen's (not her real name) quilt.  If you'd like to see my previous post, you will find it here.

I took it to Stitching Hearts a few weeks back, and Robin quilted it for me on her long arm.  It is a full queen size, so not manageable on my DSM.
I will be sewing the binding down by hand tonight, and probably many more nights as well.

While attaching the binding, I was thinking about the way I do it - I use my walking foot and quilting gloves, and I don't cut off the excess until after I have attached the binding.  I find that leaving the extra fabric & wadding on:

- gives the walking foot more room on which to feed the fabric;
- my hands have more fabric to grasp to guide the seam;
- and I can even off any slightly wavy edges, by using the edge of the binding as a seam guide instead of the edge of the quilt top. 

I then cut off the excess using the seam as a cutting guide rather than the edge of the quilt top.  This gives me a nice even 1/2" excess and a nice plump binding without any gappy bits.

How do you sew on binding?  Do you chop the excess off first?  Have you done it my way?

Linking up today with Kathy for Slow Stitching Sunday.

Til next time.....Keep on stitching.


  1. Lovely quilt Dasha. I do the same as you do. Sorry you didn't fare well in the bridge comp x

  2. gorgeous quilt Dasha,no i havent done it your way i trim it all off and make sure its all straight and then add the binding,though i havent made many quilts.xx

  3. I trim first so that the quilt is nice and square. I use bias binding and don't use a walking foot, I just use my quarter inch foot. I have seen some quilters recently that bind before they quilt, that really blows my mind.

  4. Sometimes, the simplest of blocks make the most beautiful quilt. Love this blue one. I've never tried to bind your way. I will give it go someday for sure.

  5. I usually trim the quilt before putting on the binding...But, I think I will give your method a try. Thank you for sharing. I am visiting from Slow Sunday Stitching.

  6. Lovely quilt. Thank you for sharing how you do your binding.

  7. Hi Dasha! Love your quilt, great work...
    As for the binding, I do it your way - easier for grip & then I can cut it exactly how it want it, so I get a good snug binding when I turn it over & stitch it into place.
    I don't make many quilts though...

  8. Very beautiful, Dasha. You clearly have been TOO busy, if you haven't had a day at home in that long. Slow down, girl!! :)


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