Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Secret Santa Gifts

This year I have participated in two Secret Santas.  The first was with my friends from Friday Quilters, the second was with a group of ladies I have dinner with on a regular basis.  As both gifts have now been received and admired, I can reveal what I made.

I made the same gift for both, as neither group overlaps at all.  The gift was a mugrug and a little mug to go with it.  Both mugs were by "Heritage", Stoke-on-Trent, England, and were lovely fine bone china.

The pattern for the mugrug was a freebie tutorial by Julie at The Crafty Quilter.  Thank you Julie!

Here is my gift for Friday Quilters.

To go with this, there was this mug.
The design on this is called "Pink Campion" & my friend Cheryl picked the parcel out of the Santa Sack.
For the second gift, I actually knew the person for whom I was buying the gift, which made it a little easier and it was planning this gift which gave me the idea for both Secret Santa gifts.  The parcel was for Marian, so I was able to quilt her name into the bottom right section.

And the design on her mug was "Rose Fuchia".

All the fabrics were pieces from stash, and as I didn't need large bits, I made a point of choosing the small offcuts to use them up.  Good one!
The quilting was done with a gold YLI metallic thread, & I decided on a simple free motion meander.  I actually started with a fancy design and made such a dog's breakfast of it, that I chose to rip it all out and go with the stipple.  I'd had real issues with tension prior to this, and ended up having to use a gold cotton on the reverse to minimise the visibility of the gold coming through.  So I simply didn't have time to fiddle with this any longer.
Late last week, I had a little elf come by to help me put up our tree...

And they are the Santa Sack Swap gifts you can see under that tree.  I am being very patient.
This morning my lovely man agreed to come with me Christmas shopping, even though I gave him an out.  Bless him.  The most successful Christmas shopping trip ever.  I had made out a list from the advertising material which had come in the mail, and managed to buy everything on the list, and home by 11.15am.  Not bad eh?  I am glad he came, because I could not have managed the parcels on the bus.
Til next time.....Keep on stitching


  1. Lovely mug rugs. Just what I need! Thanks for the link.

  2. A successful shopping trip, esp. before Christmas, gives SUCH a feeling of accomplishment! Good for you! The mugrugs (a new term to me!) are pretty, and I know they will be enjoyed. Merry Christmas season to you :)


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