Sunday, 28 December 2014

Santa Sack Swap 2014 Reveal

Earlier this year I signed up to the Santa Sack Swap again run by the lovely Cheryll.  My partner in crime this time was Barb

Both Barb and I had emailed each other as we had decided that we would open our gifts on Christmas Day, rather than the date published by Cheryll.  For me it made sense as I already had my Christmas present from my Dearly Beloved, and without Barb's presents, there would not have been anything for me under the tree on Christmas Day :-(

Boy did the lovely Barb spoil me!!

Here is what came in the post box:

I opened one present over breakfast before we went to church.  It was a 7.30am service, so there was no time to do any more.  Would you believe I picked the Santa Sack out to open!  It is so sweet.

When we got home from church, I took the rest of the presents out onto the balcony to open in peace over a cup of tea.

A little wall hanging; a beautiful French Vanilla candle; a little bon bon holder filled with Minties and Sherbets; a lovely embroidered candle mat (probably would rather use that as a mini table topper - would hate to drip candle wax on it!!); and a little Christmas pin cushion.  All of these things have lovely embroidery on them.   
Next was this lovely table runner, with some pretty tea cups embroidered on it.  Fits my coffee table perfectly.

And last, but not at all least is this gorgeous journal and cover.  Just look at that lovely embroidery!

Back very early in the swap, my blog friend Shez asked who I was partnered with, and when I told her, she said that Barb did the most beautiful embroidery.  She is not wrong!  The stitching is perfectly even, and really well executed.
Thank you Barb.  You have truly spoilt me.

And here is what I sent to her:

A Christmas decoration; a biscornu; a needle holder with an embroidered cover; a peg apron (with a pack of pegs too) and a mug carry bag.

And here is the Santa Sack I made for Barb.

I have heard back from Barb, and she has said she likes the things I have sent.  Whew!!  Although I love the idea of the swap, I always stress out about whether or not my partner will like what I make for her.
Now remember last post I said I would show you my nice tidy cutting table?  Well here it is.
At the back are several projects which are currently on the go, nice and neat in their own project bags.  We have to wait and see how long this lasts.  LOL.  Today's project is to tidy up the work table, which is currently littered with fabrics, sewing machines, and piles of squares and strips which I have cut from scraps.
Also yesterday I got the Dearly Beloved and my Son-in-Law to move an old sofa out of the room.  I have switched around the remaining furniture to give me more space.  Some old dining chairs are on the list to be removed as well.  I am fed up with my workroom being the dumping ground for all the excess furniture in the house.
Watch this space.....


  1. What a lovely gift swap idea and I liked the red stitcheries very much. I might try afew of those myself this year, Im falling for some of the sort of cheery, tongue in cheek ones.
    Hope you've had a delightful Christmas and that 2015 brings you health and happiness and maybe, the completion of that table top lol

  2. Hello Dasha,

    Ooh lots of lovely gifts given and received, so much variety.
    It seems to be the time to do some de-cluttering, good luck with yours.

    Happy New Year.

  3. So glad you liked what I made for you and like you I too worry whether my swap partner will like what I make/send to them as well. I hope you had a lovely Christmas and that 2015 is a year filled with lots of fun and lots of time to just sit and sew :) Barb.

  4. So many gorgeous gifts both the ones you received and the ones you made. Have fun sorting out your workroom. It's great to have a cleanout of dumped things sometimes.

  5. Way to gain control of your work room! I'm waiting for my daughter to go back to college, so I can have my bit of space back. I share the room with a double bed, a dresser, and other furniture, sadly :)
    The swaps are both lovely. She does impressive embroidery! Very nice. What exactly is a mug carry bag? Is it a bag you put a mug in, so you can carry it to the cafe? I'm not familiar with its purpose. And the red biscornu is so pretty. she will cherish it.


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