Friday, 19 December 2014

Another Biscornu

The other night I finished my latest Biscornu.  How I love making these!  And I love this one to bits.
I used a free pattern from Rainburst Embroidery called Stella by Starlight.  There are 2 patterns on this worksheet, and for this one I used the second of the two patterns.  I showed you the other pattern on that tutorial here;  it's the yellow one.

The under side is a pared down version of the top.


Sides again
I used a DMC Rayon colour 30501 on even weave, tiny green seed beads, a few small pearls and a Swarovski crystal.  All of it except the crystal was from stash.  Bonus!

I started with the rayon thread with some trepidation, as I have had issues with it previously, but the embroidery went very smoothly.  I think probably because I only used one strand of it, so it didn't unravel as badly as it has done in the past.

The biscornu shines and twinkles and glitters and I just love it!

I'm itching to start another.  I'm also keen to have a go at a 15 sided one, just need to find the right design.

Also. I have been playing around with Instagram.  If you feel like visiting me, you'll find me on @dashabrandt or #patchingpixies.  Alternatively there is now a little button on the right hand panel which will take you straight there if you click on it.  Say hello if you stop by so that I can come visit you.

Til next time.....Keep on stitching


  1. It is just beautiful are very clever x

  2. I must learn how to make one of these..............this is beautiful...............

  3. Oo -- I just joined Instagram yesterday! Picked you to follow, and saw some of your photos, I believe.

    That gem you finished is just breath-taking. One of the most lovely handcrafts I've seen. Isn't it rich looking? Something a princess would have. You did a beautiful job.


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