Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Working on Susan's Quilt

I have been making some (slow) progress on Susan's quilt.  I first told you about it here and here.
At first glance it looks pretty simple to construct.  Two circles on a background made up of a pair of half square triangles.  Not so. 
Firstly you need to trace and cut out the Vliesofix circles.
I decided to be a bit tricky here.  A full 8" circle of Vliesofix, and then one at 5.5" is a bit wasteful when you think of it, when all you need is to fix the outer edge while you sew it down.  So I drew one circle within the other, and a smaller circle still which I have saved for the next time I want to do applique.  All of that takes up a surprising amount of time.
Then you need to make up the strip sets.  36 of them at 8.5" and then another 36 at 6.5".  Thankfully, I was able to fish out a huge number of the strips I needed for the strip sets from my scrap system, so not a lot of cutting needed for them.
Then there is the fixing of the Vliesofix circles on them, and the cutting them out, and then fixing all 72 of those circles on the background with the iron.  And all of this before you actually do anything to show for your efforts!  Here is a batch of circles I was working with this afternoon, ready to go onto the background.
And one of the blocks I was doing this afternoon. 

The applique is actually the quickest part of the entire process.  I have now done about half of the blocks.  The buttonhole stitch on the Bernina is a nice one, and I am really happy with the results.
Tonight I am watching television and cutting the last of the circles from the Vliesofixed strip sets.  Hope to get a bit more sewing time tomorrow.
Earlier this morning I had to stop off at Aldi for a few supplies; and parked next to these guys.  They didn't flinch as my car drove up to the spot next to them.  The rest of the car park was pretty full!

But someone must have wanted that space, because when I came out of the store, they were milling about quacking indignantly.  They were very cross to have been disturbed.  Too funny.

Love it!  Where else in the world do ducks have priority over cars??  Do you get visitors like that in your part of the world?
Til next time.....Keep on stitching.


  1. Really like the stripey circles!
    Oh and see these Celebrity ducks in Las Vegas lol
    And its true ............. !

  2. How funny that you have ducks in the Aldi car park!! Your stripey circles look wonderful .

  3. in the supermarket parking lot a swan was trying to make a nest on the hot tar. she chased everyone away from the area. they are big birds! love your circles.


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