Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Santa Sack Swap

Earlier this year I signed up to the Santa Sack Swap run by the lovely Cheryll, who blogs at Gone Stitchin' 
You sign up in June and you have a little over 5 months to produce 5 gifts plus either a Santa sack, a tote or a Christmas stocking.  Cheryll matches each participant with another and you get to know them over the time you have to sew for them.
My swap buddy was Barb, who blogs here at Barb's Creations. 
I got all the gifts wrapped for Barb and ready to post on Monday.  Here is my little pile just before I put it in the post pack.
We aren't allowed to open the gifts until Cheryll tells us we can, or Christmas Day, if we can hold out that long.  LOL.  So I can't show you what I made for Barb, until after she has opened hers.
Still on the Christmas theme, I got an early phone call on Monday to ask if Miss 8 could come by on the way to school because "she had something to show me". 
Look at what came in the door!!

There's spools of thread, tape measures, scissors, thimble, pins, pin cushion, buttons and a bobbin on this little tree.  Plus there is a set of fairy lights which light up when you turn them on.  Miss 8 had created it over the weekend, and she found the idea was on Freebies for Crafters.
All I can say is: Awesome!!  Isn't it great??
It will be my table centrepiece for Christmas.

So this afternoon, I came home from having my hair cut and found my swap parcel from Barb.  Here is what was in the box:

What better place to put it, but where the Christmas tree will be when I get around to erecting it?  And my little tree went to join the parcels.

I plan to wait until Christmas Day to open mine.  I actually already have my Christmas gift from the Dearly Beloved, so these will be the only gifts for me under the tree this year.
We are flying to Queensland tomorrow to represent the Central Coast in the finals of the Grand National Open Teams (bridge).  There are apparently 64 teams playing this year, from all over Australia.  Wish me luck!!  Not sure when you'll hear from me next as the play days are long and pretty full on.
Til next time.....Keep on stitching.


  1. Hi Dasha good luck for your Bridge tournament and you will enjoy your gifts from Barb she is such a lovely crafter,what lovely partners you both make.xx

  2. oops and i meant to say Miss 8 did a mighty job.xx

  3. Oh that Christmas tree is so sweet.... love it! Lovely looking parcels. Good luck in the competition x

  4. Awww - that tree gift was the sweetest thing! Isn't it lovely when someone puts so much thought and effort into a gift for you? Gifts make me feel loved, which I guess is the whole point of the gift-giving this time of year. Your swap sounds so fun!


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