Saturday, 29 November 2014

RSC14 - Last Week of November

Today is the last Saturday of November, and officially the last day of the light blues.   I have little to show off this week.  All I have done are 2 little Jacobs Ladder blocks.. 
The colour looks shot in this photo.  Everything looks tinged with yellow.  I took the photo outside this time, thinking that the natural light would end u with a better photo.  Didn't work did it!
Pretty much every month this year I started with the two easiest blocks, and there are several months when I never got done the two more complex patterns.  So this month I decided to start with the most difficult blocks. 
December will be reconciliation month catching up on all the blocks I didn't get done.  I probably won't get the tops done until after Christmas.
The rest of the gang are showing of their pale blue creations at soscrappy.  Why not check out what's been done?
Til next time.....Keep on stitching


  1. I think December will bring lots of catching up, but for whatever doesn't get done, there is always next year. Thanks for joining in and using up your scraps.

  2. I'm in the catch up mode as well. You are going to have some really fun projects from this year.

    You might try photographing in the shade, rather than direct sunlight. That may help avoid the yellowing.

  3. I'll be doing some catching up too. You've got some great projects going. Looking forward to seeing your finish up post.

  4. I love Jacob's Ladder blocks and yours, in light blue, are so yummy. You are not the only who needs some extra time to finish some sewing. Don't worry, just enjoy it ;^)

  5. I know the light blue blocks don't photo well. I bet they are much deeper in person. I know about catching up Dasha! LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  6. I need to catch up also!
    Oh, a whole shabby chic quilt in those blocks /pastels would be wonderful. I just love the mix of fabrics you have in your blocks.

  7. Hey, you :) Those are pretty. It IS hard to get the light right sometimes on ye olde blogge. I have that difficulty with my yarn goods too.


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