Sunday, 16 November 2014

November is Pale Blue

in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.

There were things I Need. To. Do...... 

There are a number of things which I Should. Have. Done...... 

But what did I do??

I made 8 little Road to Oklahoma blocks in pale blue......

Love this block.  I have made it in each colour that Angie has posted this year and it is so pretty in all the colours of the rainbow. 

I had such fun playing while making these, and found enough blue scraps to make one of the blocks in checks, spots & stripes.

and one with stars (and a few spots pretending to be stars)

and one with all florals

The rest were a mixture of all sorts.

Now do pop over here to see what the others have done this week in pale blue.

I have also realised that I have not told you about my wonderful new ruler.  It is a Bloc-Loc which I bought at the Darling Harbour Quilt Show this year, and you use it to trim up the half square triangle blocks.  The ruler is a 6.5" square, marked off with the measurements on each side, and it has a groove running across on the underside from one corner, diagonally across to the other, top right to bottom left.  Can you see the groove in this photo?

(sorry about the reflection from the window)

The groove locks neatly onto the little bump made by the seam line, and you trim off the top and right side.

Then you twist the ruler, with the square still locked into the groove, right around and line up the previously cut neat corner at the bottom edge, on the measurement you need.  In my case this was 3.5".  And then you can trim off the excess. 

So, so simple.  Makes the trimming process so quick and really easy.  And I haven't been paid for this plug!  LOL

Til next time.....Keep on stitching


  1. Thanks for posting so we could see what a great block it is when you make more. The stars that come together are such a lovely surprise.

  2. They are all pretty in blue. It's going to be a super quilt when you put everything together.

  3. I have the Road to Oklahoma on my "want to do" list, but who knows when I'll get to it! Thanks for sharing yours. I like the stars that form when you set the blocks together.

    That ruler looks like a fine idea. I'll have to look around for one.

  4. Hi Dasha love your blocks and hmm this ruler sounds awesome,hope you are having a lovely sunday my friend.xx

  5. I really like this block and its so very pretty in the blues that you've used.
    Interesting to see what others have done but really prefer your fabric choice!
    That ruler sounds really, really useful, a natty gadget as my Nan would have said!
    Ive just been watching some interesting You Tube tutorials about using rulers for cutting.
    I need all the help in the world when it comes to cutting and using rulers lol

  6. I love that block too. You are going to have an awesome quilt.
    I've never heard of that ruler. I use an EZ angle ruler to cut my HSTs and rarely have to trim anything.


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