Friday, 7 November 2014

Friday Night with Friends (FNwF)

Although I have watched heaps of times, I have never actually joined in with FNwF which Cheryll hosts at Gone Stitchin'

So having linked up, I need to write a Post!

See these squares? 

I need to draw a diagonal line across each of the 20 cream and 64 salmon squares.  I am making a quilt for a lady (paid job!  Woop, Woop!).  The pink squares will be the squares on a snowball block, the cream ones are going into a friendship star block.  I cut all the fabric and made test blocks up for the two blocks this morning at Friday Quilters.

If I finish before I fall asleep, I would like to also make some progress on the latest Biscornu I am making.  The front is done, and I am doing the back at the moment.
On Wednesday night, there was a terrific storm about 7pm, just as I was cooking dinner.  I hoped that there would not be a power outage before that was finished, and we escaped that.  But Thursday morning we found this...
A big hole in the garage roof, which thankfully did not have the car in it.  This is the culprit...

The branch is over a meter long and about 4" in diameter.  Straight through the roof, knocking the light fitting to smithereens, but basically no other damage. Phew!

Now you've seen what I am doing, go check out what the others have planned here.

Dinner time, so, til next time.....keep on stitching.


  1. Sounds like you have heaps planned Dasha. I'll call around again over the weekend to see what you accomplished. EnJoY your first FNwF... xox

  2. Hi Dasha you did well,love those blocks and how scary u with the branch,glad it was only minor damaged.xx

  3. Isn't it nice to take the time to sit and stitch with friends even if we are all miles apart. Glad your damage wasn't any worse with the storm. We had bad hail on Wednesday and it caused a bit of havoc in the orchard and vegie patch.

  4. Lovely blocks and welcome to FNwF. Is the fabric on the right fossil fern? Glad the damage wasn't worse on your garage roof. Looking forward to seeing your biscournu. :)

  5. loveing the blocks, wish I had time to work on my quilt, I'm ruuning a deadline to pull things together for a 2 day christmas show. it's flowing all over the house lol! glad the storm damage wasn't too severe

  6. nice stitching...... very pleased to hear you didn't have more damage than what you did and sure hope the insurance get it sorted quickly for you

  7. lovely stitching there on the praccy blocks Dasha... paid sewing, how wonderful!... good thing nothing was damaged by that big old branch!

  8. Hi Dasha. I'm visiting from FNwF. Welcome to your first one. Your sample blocks look lovely. Cheers, Tracy.

  9. Hello Dasha,

    Great to have a little paid sewing job every now and again. Hope you get the roof fixed quickly.

    Happy days.

  10. How nice to have you join in for FnwFs..
    Nice sample blocks you are working on and thankfully there was no serious damage to your home or garage.

  11. So glad you joined in , hope you got lots done. Hugs.......


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