Tuesday, 4 November 2014

A Useful Weekend

I didn't have much on this week end, so I got a few things done.

First up I got a couple of the brown blocks done for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  I am soooo far behind!!  Still, these two got made before the clock ticked over to November.  The 25-Patch....

And the Road to Tennessee block...

The rest of the weekend I worked on Susan's quilt (name changed for privacy).  It was my second NewFO item from last month.  I talked about it here and here.
For this quilt I need to make 20 x 12" half square triangle background blocks and applique two circles created from strip sets onto each square.  I have made all the background squares, and all the strip sets for the larger circles.  This is as far as I have got in fixing the circles to the background. 

I still need to applique them into position, and I will do that by machine.

While making the half square triangles for the background, I came to realise just why some of the time my HSTs don't seem to end up the right size.  I generally do them by drawing the diagonal line, then stitching 1/4" each side of the drawn line.  Assuming that the original square is accurately cut, that should be relatively easy.  Yes?  Well no.  Sometimes when I go to check the result, the HST set is not square - usually too small.

This week I found out why.  This is the 1/4" foot on my big Bernina

And this is the 1/4" foot from my little Janome which I use when I sew out of the house e.g. at Friday Quilters.

Can you see the problem??  The two sides of this foot are different sizes, so when I sew with this foot on the right of the drawn line, it is NOT an accurate 1/4"!!!  I have only had this machine for 3 years and it has taken me this long to work it out.  Sigh.  That means that the HST units I have made on the Janome will never have turned out the right size.  Now that I am aware of it, I can compensate.
I have also pulled out the first ever quilt I made.  It is a hexagonal tablecloth in a diamond shaped log cabin block, and I made it in 1988.  It has sat in my linen closet all this time, because I didn't want to make a mess of it. 

Last week I bought some clear plastic and have that covering the tablecloth.  So the quilt can be used and it won't be spoilt by food spills.  But putting it on the table has highlighted all the terrible stitching!  You forget how bad you were as a beginner.

I also wanted to show you some little gathered round baskets I made over the last few weeks.  I have made 3, two are gifts and one is for me (on the right).  Now that they are home with their new owners, I can show you.  The third one got given away before I managed to photograph it, but you'll get the drift.

So easy to make!  I made the first one, loved it, so set to and immediately made another two.  I used the tutorial I found at a Spoonful of Sugar.
My naughty clever little Tibby has worked out how to open the linen press door..... 

So now I need to put a lock on that cupboard?  LOL
Today was Melbourne Cup day, also known as the "day a race stops a nation".  The hype is monumental, and literally everything goes dead at 3pm on the first Tuesday of November each year.  This year we went to a lunch at the Bridge Club.  We played a normal game of bridge, then moved over to have a sumptuous feast provided by the Leagues Club. 
The decorations were fabulous.  The theme was blue & white.  Each table had a centre piece with blue napery and white flowers, and each table setting had a cardboard cutouts of horse & rider.  The horses had names on them of previous years' winners.  Apologies for the truly shoddy photo taken on my phone.
We were encouraged to dress up and to wear a hat, so some very smart outfits.  And we had sweeps - you buy a ticket and have a horse allocated to you randomly.  Prizes for 1st, 2nd & 3rd.  One of my horses came in 2nd, so I won the princely sum of $16.  Not bad!  Did you have a Melbourne Cup winner today?  Needless to say, after the big lunch and an odd glass of bubbles, there was no sewing done this afternoon!
Til next time.....Keep on stitching


  1. Hi Dasha love your blocks and boy your tablecloth is stunning,hope you have a lovely day my friend.xx

  2. Hello Dasha,

    Found your blog through the sign ups for Friday Night with Friends. Lovely to see what you have been working on. Glad to hear that you worked out the foot problems, I have had the same thing happen to me. Congrats on your little win at the cup.

    Happy days.

  3. Lovely pic's of projects old and new. Good win for you on Tuesday...woohoo... xox

  4. Lovely little baskets. Thanks for the link I shall be making some for Christmas presents. Your first patchwork looks a lot better than mine!


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