Sunday, 19 October 2014

Where Oh Where Did That Week Go?

Friday was an all day sewing day.  We do this once in a while; everyone brings a plate for lunch, and we break off for a bite to eat at midday, then its back to the fray.

Love these "bring a plate" meals.  Food always tastes great when someone else cooks it!  And my lovely friends sure looked after me.  Joyce brought a gluten free slice for me to enjoy for morning tea, and Fiona made a special little dessert, which was the same as everyone else's but gluten free.  Special friends indeed.  I could hardly waddle after that lunch.
Jan and I are making a joint quilt for Samaritans, so Friday was a great day to start it.  The request was for pink and green.  You start with 6 x 3.5" squares, so I had to cut 258 of those.  Phew!
This is my little "take with me" machine, and the pile of squares I was working with.

This is part of what we achieved.  The 3.5" squares sewn into sixes.  The next step is to sew a strip down one side.  We even had Fiona and Cheryl stepping in to piece a few of these.  Thanks ladies.

My daughter & her hubby have decided to crisis foster new borns - this is to bridge the gap between birth and permanent foster care.  They will be getting their first baby, a little one week old boy, hopefully on Monday.  So yesterday after doing some chores, I made a little squishy doll for my new little foster grandie.  I found the tutorial here at the Stumbles & Stitches blog.  
The front....

 And the back.

So cute, and so easy to make that I will be making that again and again I should think for all the babies who come into my life.  Thank you Jenny.
In the afternoon, Miss 8 came over for some special time.  She asked that we make Christmas Decorations.  As it happened I had found a great tutorial on Jenny of Stumbles & Stitches blog.
I changed it a little - intending to use sequins and beads to decorate the little ornament, I couldn't find the sequins, so we just beaded them...

And the results???  Miss 8's

And mine....

And guess what?  You are dead right.  I found the sequins after I had finished mine.  LOL.

All done, we had afternoon tea and started a jig saw.  So you know what I have been doing since, don't you?

Til next time.....Keep on stitching.


  1. That's a bright idea for a soft toy. I've saved the link, and think I'll be making them in future too. I like your Christmas trees; that's just the thing for my granddaughter too.

  2. Hi Dasha! I am so glad you found my tutorials and had fun making the projects. They look great! :)

  3. That Christmas tree is darling! It's great to start on those seasonal things now -- once Advent starts, it's too late to begin then! Your sewing party looks like such fun, all those friends around. I agree about other people's cooking ... yum :)

  4. The sewing day sounds wonderful! How pretty are those pink and green squares! Your daughter and her husband are doing such a special thing taking in little babies. I love the squishy toy you made, the frog fabric is so fun. So are the decorations!


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