Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Progress on this Month's Challenges.

At the end of this month, I showed you the two things I was planning to make in October, and linked into Lets Book It and NewFO links.  Both of them were to be quilts for kids at the Wickham Student Accommodation facility run by the Samaritans.

The first of these was for Susan (name changed for privacy).  And I planned to make this quilt:

I haven't got terribly far with this one.  I have cut out all the background squares for the half square triangles, and made up about half of them.  Boring pictures, so you will see the progress on that next month.

The second was for Karen (name changed for privacy), and this pattern was my inspiration.

I changed it (but of course, you all chorus.  LOL).  The pictured quilt was designed for a single bed and I needed to make a double size, so I used 3" squares for the basic 4 patches.  The resulting blocks were 9" finished once they were sashed instead of 6".  I also haven't done any applique.  I thought this quilt was busy enough without that.  And Ta Da....  I finished the top the other day.  I love it.
I have seriously depleted my stock of blue 3" squares and nudged the purple and yellow ones.  Bonus!  Initially I had sashed all the 4 patches with strips in a variety of colours (using up those 2.5" strips I had lurking in the cupboard), but I found that made the quilt too busy.  So I alternated the patterned sashing with homespun, and that has worked well, I think.  I like the yellow inner border.  It has lifted the whole quilt up.  Sadly, that is the last of that fabric - all I have left is one 2" strip.  Its been with me a long time, and has brightened a lot of quilts.
The request was for blue, with a little purple and a little yellow.  There are heaps of novelty squares.  Funky circles and odd ball patterns....

Snowflakes & stars.... (red, but who cares)

Cows and mauve flowers.....
Ooops.  A red car or two...

Yellow checks & stripes, and some little pixies....
There are also quite a few purple and mauve squares in there flung around with gay abandon. 
I'm happy with it.  I enjoyed making it, I don't enjoy some of the things I make as I so often have to make do with what is around or I finish off someone else's UFOs which aren't always to my taste.  This one is definitely in my "like it" bucket.
Now it's time for me to link up to Sharon's linky at Vrooman's Quilts, and Barbara's linky at Cat Patches to show of my efforts.  Please check out the two links and encourage the work of some of the others by visiting and leaving a nice comment.
Til next time.....Keep on stitching.


  1. Well, I just love blue so it is a keeper for me. I like the up-scale and all those cute fabrics - they just blend all so nicely. And that yellow border does float that quilt - nicely done.

  2. You are SO busy! Amazing. That blue quilt is simply gorgeous. Beautiful work! Love the creativity you show in your fabric choices!

  3. Colorful and fun quilt! It turned out beautifully.

  4. I love all that blue; and you are right, the yellow inner border is perfect.

  5. Hi Dasha--Love your blue quilt with all those cute scrappy fabrics in int! Hugs, Julierose


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