Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Off to Newcastle Again

Jan and I drove up to Newcastle with a boot load of donations for the Wickham Student Accommodation facility yesterday.  This was stuff which had been given me by the ladies at Stitching Hearts, and some from the ladies at Friday Quilters.

Full boot - mostly clothes for a baby girl, some adult things and lots of linen.

The back seat - More clothes, and a big laundry basket full of cleaning equipment.  Also on the floor a gift bag with baby goodies, a toy monkey, and a big pink teddy bear.

I've told you some of the stories from Wickham.  Yesterday we heard some more.  The baby was due last Friday, but Barbara had not heard, so she was guessing perhaps yesterday was The Day.  She has promised me an update and a photo when she can.  So the baby clothes were for this baby.
There is also a little 2 year old boy at the facility with his mother.  The toy monkey and some Thomas the Tank linen were for him.  I have had some boy's clothes promised, but they have not yet arrived.
The residents sometimes come straight off the street, with nothing but the clothes they wear.  They have to sign an agreement to return to studying, either complete school, or go to TAFE or uni, or get an apprenticeship.  They can stay for up to 2 years.  They are supported in their attempts to complete education and/or find a job by the Samaritans network.  But they are expected to pay their own way.  They leave with a "rent book" which shows rental history and are helped to find the bond for an apartment of their own. 
We met a young lass who had come for a visit.  She was an ex-resident, now living independently in a shared rental and working as a trainer for at risk youth.  She is getting her life together, and learning to stand on her own feet.  Such an inspirational story.  She showed us some photos of cupcakes she has decorated.  They are first class, and we all said she should pursue that as a money making venture.
The last few days I have put together some more drawstring bags for the Operation Christmas Child boxes.  You might remember that my darling Miss 8 volunteered me to make a few for her school.  Well I got a bit carried away, and the total to date is 108.  This lot is the second batch and they are waiting to have their cord threaded.  Not my job!!
I am done with that task now I think.  Managed to off load such a lot of fabric that was just "too good to throw away", but I would never have used otherwise. 
I have put the greedy Tibby onto a diet.  She was demanding food every time I went into the kitchen, and I would sometimes give in to her incessant pleas.  So these days it a strict regime of food morning and night, with a treat whenever I call her (to ensure she comes when I call - it works!).  But oh woe!  The big, pleading, green eyes!  The pitiful meowing!  We have even discovered that we can climb into the shelf in the pantry where the tins of food are kept.  And I am waiting for her to learn how to open the tins.  LOL.  I am being strong, and she IS losing weight.  When the twice a day regime is accepted and in place, I will reduce the quantity of food at each meal to a reasonable level, so we are in for more fun & games I guess.

I finished quilting Go For Gold, and I have a recipient's name.  So today I made a label and the binding.  The grand plan is to get the binding on tomorrow.  Then I need to make a laundry bag for the chap.  Photos 'ron.

Til next time.....Keep on stitching.


  1. Hi Dasha you are always such a busy bee,enjoy your week my friend.xx

  2. Dasha, you are so wonderfully productive! It's inspiring to read these stories of what you and your friends are doing to help others, and to read the stories of people who've brightened and bettered their lives -- and themselves. Just wonderful. Keep up the good work, and the great attitude! It prompts others to find ways they can help too, and the whole world improves :)

    BTW -- what is 'ron short for? I assume it means "soon," but wonder what the contraction is. Haven't heard that one before!


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