Wednesday, 1 October 2014

October Challenge Links

This week I have started not one, but two new projects, so I shall be linking up to the NewFO link party that Barbara runs at Cat Patches.
2014 NewFO Challenge
The idea is that you start a new project, and never mind if it isn't finished.  Sounds right up my alley doesn't it?  LOL. 
As both of the projects I am planning are from books, they also fit nicely with the Lets Book It Challenge which Sharon runs each month at Vrooman's Quilts
Lets Book It
The idea here is that you choose one of the books on your bookshelf, get the dust off it, and make a project from the book.
Both of these projects I will be making for the Samaritans.  If you have read my previous posts, you will know that my Stitching Hearts group are supporting an organisation called the Wickham Student Accommodation facility (in Wickham, a suburb of Newcastle), run by the Samaritans.  We have been asked to provide 5 quilts for some of the residents.  I shall be making 2 of them. 
The first is for Susan (name changed to protect her privacy).  The request is for a queen sized quilt in shades of turquoise/teal and earthy colours.  I have met this girl; she is a gorgeous bubbly girl - and she had turquoise hair!!  Do you think she might like turquoise??
I found this pattern on the front cover of the current edition of the magazine put out by a chain of craft/homewares stores called Spotlight.  I thought it would be perfect for Susan.
On Monday I found some fabric.  So lucky; first fabric purchasing foray and I got what I wanted for the background! (colours haven't photographed well, they are really quite vibrant)
I am planning to make the large 12.5" HSTs which form the background of this quilt out of these two turquoise fabrics.  I should be able to place these HSTs into an interesting pattern of their own. The circles I will make from a mix of tan/brown strips with a splash of turquoise and green for interest.  I should be able to find adequate supplies of those in my stash (and use some of my stash of strips!!).
The second quilt is for Karen (name also changed for privacy).  It will be double sized, and she has asked for blues with splashes of purples and yellows.  I've met Karen too, a lovely, vivacious girl - she was wearing blue. 
I found this pattern in a magazine I have borrowed from my friend Jan. Country Patchwork & Craft, Vol.2 No.4, pattern by Annette Blake.  No date on it, but it looks quite old.

This is a simple sashed 4-patch which will lend itself quite nicely to the intended colour scheme.  I have absolutely hundreds of blue 3" squares and nearly as many yellow and purple.  Besides that I have heaps of 2.5" strips as well.  So that is what I plan to use.  Using this size, makes up a 9" finished block.
I am not sure if I will be doing the applique on the border - we shall see.  I have started on the 4-patches and have made up about 20 of the 4-patches I will need.  Some will be all blue, some blue/yellow, some blue/purple, and then a couple of all yellow, and all purple.  I think I will sash most of them in blue, but will wing it as I make it.

Keep watching this space in the next few weeks to see how I go.  And in the mean time, why not go take a look at what others are making?  Just click on  the little buttons at the beginning of this post, or the links underlined.

Til next time.....Keep on stitching


  1. First the 99 cent on the magazine just caught my eye - I don't think I've seen a magazine that cheap except a yardsale. Both great patterns and should make for fun play.

  2. The quilt for "Susan" will be's so bright & colourful!

  3. Great choices. Looking forward to seeing them come together.

  4. Hi Dasha oh you sure are going to be busy,love the one you have chosen for Susan.xx

  5. THat is a great project. I am sure both quilts will be lovely!


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