Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Goodbye "Go for Gold"

As promised its time to show you the photos of the finished "Go for Gold".  If you remember I began this quilt to commemorate the Commonwealth Games held in Glasgow in June.  The official Aussie colours are green and gold, and this quilt is packed and ready to go to an Australian serviceman currently serving in the Middle East.

I quilted it using Robison Anton 100% 50wt Cotton in "Pollen Gold" on the top, and a gold Gutterman in the bobbin.  I just did a medium meander all over.  I loved using the Robison Anton thread, but had issues with tension.  Think my machine needs to go to the doctor for a visit.  What I found happened is that I would set the tension, and it would be fine for a short while, then the tension would go haywire for a few inches, then revert to perfect again.  I unpicked masses of it and redid the quilting, but it was still not perfect in the end.  Very irritating.
I bind by hand in the evenings while watching the TV.  The other night I finished it off fairly late at night, and flung it on the couch next to my chair for the last few minutes of the program I was watching, before packing up to go to bed.  Quick as a flash, the QA Inspector was onto it, checking out the quality.  Seems to have passed muster.  LOL.  Sorry for the quality of the photo, all I had near me was my phone.

I was also asked to make a laundry bag for the chap.  This is the back view, as the front has his name appliqued to it, and as he is overseas currently, I can't show the front to you. 

The fabric has a soccer theme to it - perfectly complementary to the sporty theme of the quilt.  This also caused me grief.  As I was turning the bag right side out (it is lined) I found that I had sewn the bag upside down, so I had to reconstruct it.  Beginning to doubt my sanity!
We had a huge wind come up for about 30 minutes late yesterday afternoon, and after it abated, I wandered outside to see if there was any damage.  We live with many trees around us, and often have largish branches come down in strong wind.  I saw what looked like a thick bit of branch up near the gazebo, and headed for it, when suddenly it turned tail and ran!  It was then I realised that it was a large Eastern Water Dragon.  It scuttled into the garage, and I was able to take this photo for you.  It is hiding here under the wheelbarrow.

From the tip of his head to the end of his tail he would have been at least 2 foot long (60cm).  You can tell he is old by his size and the colour of his skin.  I think he left sometime before nightfall.  What a buzz to see him in our garden!
Finishing up today with a photo of a spectacular display of Air Fern which was growing in the front garden at my Physio's and almost completely engulfing a small shrub of Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow.

I commented on it when I went in, and neither of the two receptionists had noticed it!  LOL

Now to go and finish packing that quilt ready to post.

Til next time.....Keep on stitching.


  1. That quilt is really going to brighten up the recipients days. It's wonderful!! The laudrey basket will come in handy too. Water dragons are so cool!! We used to have a couple in our yard but we haven't seen them since around the time of the bush fires last year :( . The air fern clump is huge! It's funny how some people dont notice gardens and flowers.

  2. Your golden quilt is lovely, and I know it will be an amazing gift and comfort to the soldier receiving it. Isn't it hard to let them go, though? What an amazing animal that is! Thanks for the photo -- 2 feet long!! Yowza! In the U.S., we call that plant Spanish moss. It grows on trees here, but only in the warmest areas, and damp, like Louisiana, the southern portions of Miss. and Alabama. We have some in a few places around here. I've never heard it called air fern. We have another green plant we call air fern, I think.


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