Friday, 24 October 2014

Dear Mr Postman I Love You!

This week I have had some real lovelies arrive by post, hence the title. (Maybe I shouldn't say that in front of the Dearly Beloved eh?)

First up there was a wonderfully squishy little envelope all the way from the US.  I opened it and out fell this....

I have to tell you the background to this little parcel.  About 6 weeks ago, Audrey, of Quilty Folk started the ball rolling here.  She told us about her poor mum, who had lost her whole stash (and lots more besides) in a fire, and asked if anyone "out there" would like to help her mum out.  So I jumped on the band waggon and pulled a bit of fabric I had lurking in the back of my cupboard, and posted it the following day.  I'd have sent much more, but the postage rates to the US from Australia are pretty steep, so I had to keep the package light.

And darling Audrey repaid me in spades!  Isn't she lovely?  It was totally unexpected, I must say.  But of course I shall love using it.

The second lot of lovelies turned up today.  My DB returned from the UK this morning after spending time with his mum and his two sisters.  I'd had a bit of a brainwave a few weeks ago.  A lovely lady called Cathy Daniel makes a fabulous collection of patchwork patterned home wares in the UK.  You can see the whole range at

I have been following her blog for a while, and it occurred to me that the postage to a local address in the UK would be heaps cheaper than to Australia.  So I ordered a couple of things to be delivered to DB's mother's house.  And they arrived home with him today. 

A gorgeous fine china mug with the Peace & Plenty design on it....

And a matching linen tea towel....

Aren't they absolutely fabulous??  Do go take a browse at Cathy's webpage, she has lots of other stuff there.  And tell her I sent you too.

While writing up this post, my mind brought forth a vague memory about a Postman song, so I searched for it on YouTube.  I found the song that I remembered.  It was by The Marvelettes, released in 1961 and called "Please Mr Postman".  Bit of a hoot actually - you will find it here.  Have you heard it before?  Amazing this YouTube lark.  The song was re-released in 1963 by The Beatles.

I have been listening to a few of these old songs lately.  A friend of mine keeps posting links to all sorts of old songs on Facebook and its been rather fun dredging up memories of my preteen and teenage years through the music I used to listen to. 

What is your favourite song from your teen years?  I was totally in love with Elvis so for me, it would have to be anything at all by Elvis.  But then the Beatles came along.....  My very first album was a Beatles one, which I think was called "Beatles for Sale".  I just searched for it on the net, but the album covers in Australia were different to those in the UK, so I couldn't find it.  I still have it, but it is stored away.  I also still have all my 45's.  All classed as antiques now LOL.

Til next time.....Keep on stitching


  1. You still have all those old 45s? Wow! I was born in '63, but yes I do love Elvis, esp. Elvis movies. Love "Blue Hawaii." In my teen years, we listened to Billy Joel, the BeeGees, groups like that. But at home, I listened to Dan Fogelberg, Joni Mitchell, and Jackson Browne. I loved all that folk music.

  2. Hi Dasha what a lovely surprise,love what your brother bought back for you.xx

  3. They are fabulous! Love this kind of Happy Mail!!!!


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