Sunday, 7 September 2014

Rainbow Scrap Challenge - Playing Catch Up

The colour of the month for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge is Orange, but I am so far behind that this last week I tried to catch up.

First up I made 2 x red Jacobs Ladder blocks.  Red was the colour for July.  I am now all done with the reds.

I was trying to be tricky with these and made the left hand block in maroons and claret colours, and the one on the right with the bright reds.  But with the dark reds, I really didn't have enough of the lighter contrasts, so I did something I haven't done for the entire challenge - I repeated a bunch of cream fabric squares with dark red stars on them for the 4-patches.  You can see them running from bottom left to top right. 
On a roll, I kept on with the Jacobs Ladders and made the light green ones for the month of August.
Again, I grouped the dusky light greens on the left and the brighter ones in the block on the right.  This time I managed to have every square different.
The last block I made, was the scrappy 25-patch in light green.
I think I have now caught up with all the blocks, and I will be able to move onto orange.  But before I do that, I will have to chop a lot of scraps into squares so I can use them :(
Linking up at soscrappy with this post.  Go take a look at what others have done this week.
Til next time.....Keep on stitching


  1. Great catching up! Love the way each shaded square is clearly a different color. Enjoy cutting up you oranges. I always love the sorting part of digging through it all.

  2. you have been a busy bee Dasha,lovely blocks.xx

  3. Your blocks make me want to cut small squares lol
    I mustn't!! I must finish my hexis first so im going to lust after your squares : )

  4. These are pretty, and yeah you can move on to orange, I spent most of Saturday cutting my scraps into squares and strips that I can work with. A lot of cutting, but now I'm a little more organized and so much closer to just sewing!

  5. Your repeat in the red block created a lovely rhythm. Must feel good to be all caught up and ready to tackle the next colour.


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