Saturday, 13 September 2014

Oranges, not Lemons

The month of September is the month for orange scraps in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, so its time to reveal the first of my orange blocks. 
Ta da!! 2 x Jacobs ladder blocks
Gee I'm glad I decided to make Jacobs Ladder blocks for this challenge.  I chose them because I had never made them before and I thought it would be a great block to do.  Love them. 
Have to say a huge thank you to all my lovely friends who dug deep and pulled out some scraps to give me.  I would have struggled otherwise, as I did not have one single piece of orange fabric in my cupboard at the start of the year.
Now you have seen what I have done, why not go to SoScrappy to take a look at all the other orange goodies created this past week.

In our area all the churches (well most of them I think) and lots of the schools support a program called Operation Christmas Child.  You are given a box the size of a shoebox and you are asked to fill it with stuff for a child.  The boxes are distributed to children in need in in many countries overseas.  I have filled 2 boxes and handed them into my church already. 

Miss 8's school participates in this program, and last week her teacher asked if any mothers or grand mothers would be prepared to sew some drawstring bags to include in the boxes put together by the students at the school.  Miss 8, bless her, volunteered me.  Here is what I managed to put together in the last few days.

28 drawstring bags, waiting for the string, all shapes & sizes depending on the amount of fabric at hand.  Most of it is not fabric I would use, so good to see it is not being thrown out.  I have pulled some more fabric & its waiting to be cut, and will make some more bags if I get a chance in the next few days.
I'd like to share with you my new baby.  It is a Romley treadle, made about 1925 in a lovely cabinet which I bought on EBay and picked up last Saturday. 

She is minus a belt, but all the workings look to be functioning correctly, and the treadle works very smoothly.  I had not heard of a Romley before.  They were made by the National Sewing Machine Co. in Bellvedere, IL, and from what I can gather the firm specialised in making badged machines for retailers.  If you know otherwise, please let me know.  I have her partially dismantled at the moment to clean her.  Isn't she pretty?  Gorgeous decals.

She has come to join my Singer 99k which I have had about 18 months now, and which my daughter found in the local op shop.

That's me for tonight, so....
Til next time.....Keep on stitching.


  1. What a beautiful new machine. I hope she works perfectly when you get a new belt installed. Love the orange blocks this week -- I can already picture the entire collection.

  2. Awe what a great idea to include drawstring bags for the kids to keep their new treasures. Oh I love your machines. Those old machines were made to last forever! I had heard that they used to be a status symbol for families and they would display them proudly. I guess that might explain the decals and beautiful cabinets. So glad that so many quilters are saving them!

  3. Aren't you lucky with that beautiful new machine! I've made a Jacob's Ladder quilt and just love that block. Your bags turned out cute. How nice of Miss 8 to think of you!

  4. Lucky you to have found such a beautiful treadle machine! Next thing you know, more will be following you home! There are some Facebook groups devoted to treadle machines (Treadle Quilting and Mad for Treadles are two I follow). There is also the Treadle On mail list, which is devoted to using treadle sewing machines for sewing and quilting.

  5. Love the Jacob's Ladder block. What pattern are you using?
    Cute drawstring bags. Beautiful sewing machine. Lucky find.

  6. The drawstring bags are lovely. Isn't it great when we get volunteered for things?

  7. love your orange ladders!! LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  8. Hi Dasha,love you new machine,what a beauty and how lovely of you to make the drawstring bags,enjoy your sunday my friend.xx

  9. Love your new baby... or is she the big sister...
    Great bag project too...& I'm sure your GD is very proud of you!

  10. Great old machines. I have a few old machines too. I have mostly been sewing on the older machines this past year. Love the Jacobs Ladder blocks, the quilt will be great.


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