Sunday, 21 September 2014

On the Way to Forster

We have come up to Forster to play bridge in the Great Lakes Congress here this weekend.  Forster is about 3.5 hours north of where we live, so it isn't too far to come for a weekend.  We decided not to beat ourselves up, and have driven up at a leisurely pace; we will play in the teams tomorrow.

We stopped for lunch at Bulahdelah (pronounced Boo-lah-dee-lah).  In years gone by the road through that part of the world was torturous with a stiff uphill climb on a narrow road with many hairpin bends.  Today it is a breeze, with the highway by-passing the little town, 2 lanes in both directions, and cars whizzing past at 110km.

The milk bar in the town had gluten free bread, so I had a good old fashioned burger on GF bread.  There is a nice little park in the middle of the town where we took our lunch.

On the way to the table, I nearly stepped on a gorgeous bird I had never previously seen.  It flew off, but I was able to get a photo of it when it landed on the roof of a nearby shelter.  Isn't he beautiful!  I will have to wait until I get home to check my bird book to find out what he is.

I took some knitting to do in the car.  A couple of weeks ago, my daughter came by with a half completed scarf and gave it to me, saying she couldn't be bothered finishing it as she wasn't likely to wear it.  Have you seen this type of wool before?

You separate the strands into this gorgeous lacy "stuff" then pick up the top edge to knit it.

And you end up with a wonderful lacy, frothy scarf.

I first saw this type of wool in England at the National Quilt Championships in 2011.  It is made in Portugal.  I was so excited that I brought home a ball of it, and then my daughter wanted some too.  So I tracked down a supplier in Melbourne and bought a couple of balls, one for her and one to give a friend as a gift.  So now this one has come back to me.  I love the colour of this ball, and will enjoy wearing the completed scarf.
Tonight we had a lovely meal in a Mexican restaurant not far from here with our team mates for tomorrow.  Looking forward to a game of bridge tomorrow.
Update:  I had intended to post this on Saturday night, but the Wifi in the hotel was so slow that it kept dropping out.  So am doing it tonight after we have returned home.  We came 4th by a whisker.  Never mind, there is always next time.


  1. Hi Dasha what a lovely post,i have never seen a bird like that either,and yes i have knitted many of these scarves,lol,you did well in the bridge competition,hope you have a lovely day my friend.xx

  2. Dasha, I'd never heard the term "milk bar" before -- learning something new each day from my Aussie friend! Sounds like a great trip. I love a weekend away. We don't get those much, since Adam is a pastor. The bird is amazing -- those colors! Oh, and yes, those scarves have been all the rage here in the U.S., esp. about 3 or 4 years ago. Everyone was knitting them. I think it helped to reinvigorate the love of knitting for people who'd forgotten. Very pretty!


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