Saturday, 6 September 2014

Oh My! What a week!

I knew from the outset that this week would be full on and that I would be exhausted each night and I wasn't wrong!

Monday started off with a trip to Newcastle, well Wickham actually, which is an inner Newcastle suburb, and about an hour's drive north of my house.  I went with my friend Jan, and our mission was to deliver some quilts from Stitching Hearts to the Wickham Student Accommodation facility run by the Samaritans.  I did a detailed post about that for Stitching Hearts, so please click on the link and read that post so I don't have to repeat myself here. 

On the way home, we stopped at a couple of quilt shops.  We made sure that we went that way home LOL!  Both were first time visits for me.  I had organised a shop hop for my Friday Quilters back in March, but on the day I was too sick to go, so they went on without me :(

The first shop was Zig Zag in Georgetown (no web page).  What a lovely little shop!  They have loads of notions and patterns, and THE best range of Robson Anton threads I have seen anywhere. Drool. 

The second shop was Patchwork Heart at Belmont (no web page).  Another lovely shop.  It was not large, but there were lots of nooks and crannies.  Every time you turned a corner there were more lovelies to greet the eye.

The little bundle on the left is from Zig Zag, the one on the right is from Patchwork Heart.  I had a hard time limiting my purchases to those.  You won't see them again as I will be seeing secret things with them, and I can't reveal what I have done until the gifts have been received.

I will definitely be visiting both stores again.
On the way between Wickham and Georgetown, not sure where because I was following the GPS, I rounded a corner and found this....
What a hoot!  As luck would have it, there was a car space just in front so I swooped in and leapt out to take a photo.  The two men passing by thought I was totally crackers, and even more so when I said that was my name.  LOL.  They were still chuckling half way up the road.
The really big day was Wednesday, when a group of us who sew for Aussie Heroes were invited to a day at the R.A.A.F. Base at Richmond.  I shall have to save that for another day, as my post will have to be vetted before publishing.
Thursday saw Jan and I driving down to Sydney to Stitching Hearts.  As we told the story of our day at Wickham, Robin piped up "do they need clothes?".  Her children had just been through their wardrobes, and the clothes, were in her car.  So Jan and I are planning another trip north to drop them off. 
And the big news...... Yesterday, I bought a treadle!!  I bought it on EBay, and we are off shortly to pick it up.  Long drive as its in the mountains.  More on that later.
Sooooo excited!!!
Where will I put it????  Who cares.  I'll find room for it.
Til next time.....Keep on stitching


  1. Hi Dasha,lol you are famous now,a car yard named after you,lol,i have been to that airbase,my girlfriends hubby worked in the airforce,got to see inside one of those big helicopters,man all those switches,very confusing for me,lol.xx

  2. Congratulations on finding a treadle; enjoy using it. Great fabrics you bought on your trip north. Just imagine, you'll be going that way again soon!

  3. lol a job for retirement maybe? car sales lady !!


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