Wednesday, 24 September 2014

More Aussie Heroes Stuff

Earlier this month we went on a visit to the RAAF Base at Richmond.  I told you all about that here.
One of the things we were asked to do in preparation for the day was that each participant had to bring a laundry bag.  Since the Dearly Beloved came with me on that day, I had to make 2 bags to take.  The theme was either Australiana or RAAF.  Since my mind was a total blank with regards to an RAAF design, I chose Australiana.

This one was personalised, and was for one of the ladies who helped organise the day for us.
And this one just had a patch on it for the recipient to write his/her name.
I was on a roll with the bags, and cut out two more at the same time.  I find it is easier to make a batch of bags once you get into the mood to do them.  Having done that, Jan-Maree gave me some names, so I appliqued the initials onto the patch and posted these two off direct to the recipients.

Aren't the skulls fun??
Last but not least, I got "She's Apples" quilted and bound, and sent that off to my recipient.  Hope he likes it.

You can't see it terribly well here, but I put a striped binding on this quilt.  Here is a detail to show you.
Amazingly the fabric was in my stash and matched the quilt perfectly.  I had issues with that binding!  I made it using the continuous bias method where you sew up a tube & cut it on the bias.  Well something went wrong with my calcs, and there wasn't enough by a long shot, so half way through putting it on, I had to stop and make more.  Not sure if it is the formula I sued or my maths.  Will have to make it again and see if I get the maths right next time.
Remember a while back I told you about a day at Jan-Maree's when Robin and I put together the pink elephants?  Well Robin took the top home, quilted it and brought it to Stitching Hearts last time we me t to show me the finished quilt.

Isn't it fabulous??  I just love it.  Anyway Robin also made a laundry bag to go with it.  Very hard to see in this photo, but there are a couple of elephants on the bag as well.

So these have also gone off now.  Hope she likes it. 
That's it for now.  I have my cousin coming up from Melbourne with her two kids this afternoon.  They will be staying for a few days as it is school holidays.  Gorgeous day predicted today but foul weather tomorrow.  What a shame - they were hoping for some beach time.

Til next time.....Keep on stitching.


  1. Hi Dasha gee you are amazing you have done so much,well done my friend.xx

  2. You've been busy... great laundry bags!
    EnJoY your time with relatives... fingers crossed for good weather xx


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