Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Hand Stitching this Month & Other Things

This past month or so I have done a fair bit of hand sewing in the evenings.

First up I taught a workshop at my local church.  They run a little group on a Wednesday morning called Buttons.  I chose to do some gorgeous little Christmas decorations from a pattern by Michelle Ridgeway.  I taught the class with Michelle's gracious blessings.

I made all four of the available patterns (which you can buy from Michelle's blog here along with dozens of other divine goodies).  I made up little baggies with the necessary supplies, and the ladies chose which of the patterns they wanted to make.  The little candy cane was the most popular, followed by the bird.  Here they all are, busy on the first of the two scheduled days.

I have also been working on a Christmas gift which I can't show you yet, but suffice to say it is embroidered, and (I think) it's gorgeous!

Back ages ago, my daughter brought around a quilt I had made for my eldest grand daughter in 2004 which required repair.  Their cat had chewed a hole clear through it!

Well, I have been sitting on this for a while.  I couldn't decide how to repair it.  The only solution which seemed feasible was to applique a patch on both the front & back and fill the space with an off cut of wadding.  Finally I got stuck into it and chose a fabric to use on the front after discarding what seemed like a gazillion options.  As luck would have it, I had a scrap of the backing fabric left over.  Fortunate!
I had used that dog fabric in one of the blocks so it wasn't out of place.
Here is the full quilt.  Tibby photo bombed it before I got a chance to take the photo.

And decided to settle in.

I have done a bit of sleuthing. 

Sleuthing job No. 1 - Remember I showed you a pic of an interesting bird I had never seen before, which I spied at Bulladelah a couple of weeks back? 

I have identified it as a Blue-faced Honeyeater.  If you are so inclined you can find out a bit more about it here and see some good pictures of it too.  I guess the reason I haven't seen it before is that from the top 1/3 of the NSW coast the area it inhabits seems to veer inland, and I live on the coast.

Sleuthing job No.2 - Remember the Triffid I showed you a month or so back, growing in the back yard of a house in Avoca Drive?

I have identified that too!  Last night I was watching Gardening Australia which I had taped from a couple of weeks back, and they showed this plant.  It is a Swan Neck Agave.  The actual film segment I watched is embedded in the fact sheet here.  If you care to take a look at the clip, it's only a few minutes long and you will get a treat of hearing a couple of Dinkum Aussie accents as well as seeing a beautiful garden.  The Agave is discussed about 2 minutes into the clip.
I will finish off tonight with a photo taken the other day on a walk along the waterfront at Davistown the day my friend Colette came up for lunch.
Til next time.....Keep on stitching


  1. Great quilt and so funny how cats will always explore first given half a chance lol
    What an apt name for the Agave! Swan necked it certainly is and so striking : )

  2. Any of those little baggies left? Maybe I could have one :)

  3. Hi Dasha oh i sure do love your decorations and love your post today my friend,enjoy your evening.xx


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