Friday, 26 September 2014

Cousins Part 1

My cousin has come from Melbourne to stay with us for a few days with her two kids and we have done some wonderful things.  Sadly my daughter & her family are off on their holiday right now so I have not been able to introduce them. 

I love playing tourist with visitors to the area.  Mind you I haven't lived here long enough to know everywhere and everything so its sometimes a voyage of discovery for me too.

Thursday was a bit bleak.  Definitely not beach weather, so we decided to go to Blackwall Mountain, which is about 20 minutes drive from here on the way to Woy Woy.  By the time we got there, the Dearly Beloved took the kids up to the top through a drizzly rain, while my cousin & I had some quiet chat time.

The kids found a cave half way up

View from the top.

Lion Island shrouded in misty rain.  You can just make out Barrenjoey Headland in the background where the Hawkesbury River meets the Pacific Ocean.  If you aren't familiar with this area, Barrenjoey is the north easterly tip of the Sydney Metropolitan area.

Here's the ferry which has just left Ettalong wharf.  It is headed for Palm Beach, just down from Barrenjoey Headland.

Scrambling down the hillside

After the intrepid, and slightly damp mountaineers had returned to base, we headed off to the waterfront at Ettalong, where we found a picnic shelter for some lunch.

Just look at that glowering sky in the background.

We rounded off the afternoon by walking up into Ettalong proper (only 5 minutes from the waterfront) for a cuppa.  We found Hatters Tea Room, which had been recommended to me ages ago.  Brilliant place!  Real tea in a silver teapot, and not one Gluten Free treat but a choice of half a dozen or so yummy cakes and slices.  Thumbs up in a big way.  There were quirky art works everywhere, and big squishy sofas to sit on.  Didn't feel like leaving.

My cousin had been to Pearl Beach before for family holidays, as her eldest sister had a holiday cottage there, so we called in there next, so she could reacquaint herself with it.

The kids enjoyed playing with the frizbee on the beach for a bit before we headed home.  They managed to send it into the surf, and it was just too far out for them to retrieve it.  The brave man took off his shoes to wade into the very cold water, so the day was saved.  It is a very pretty place.

After dinner each night we have played antique games. 

This one is a travel game which is well over 50 years old, and went down really well with the kids.  You buy tickets to travel to various countries, exchange currency and buy souvenirs.  Sounds simple but it isn't as there are many and varied obstacles.  Besides this we have had the Scrabble out, also about 50 years old, and UNO, the baby at 35 years old.  LOL.  The boxes are torn but it doesn't detract from the fun we've had!

That's all for now.  Part 2 in a day or two.


  1. Hi Dasha what lovely pics you live in a beautiful part of our country,and how nice to have family over,enjoy your weekend my friend.xx

  2. I love it that you're playing board games with the kids! Delightful. In fact, the whole post is delightful. Family is so important. It was wonderful of you to host them and take them fun places. And don't you just LOVE a tea shop, after a long day, where you sink in, and Don't Want To Leave? I've had that feeling before. Lovely!

  3. Makes me want to play tourist in my own neck of the woods again. Looks like you all had a wonderful day together. :-)


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