Monday, 18 August 2014

The Mystery Quilt

A couple of weeks back, I put my hand up to make some blocks for an Aussie Hero Mystery Quilt, and I offered to put it together.  I put up a post about it here.
The brief was royal blue background, and stars made with a centre feature of sport or Australian theme.  The stars were made from the block of the month tutorial on the AHQ website (here) (towards the bottom of the page).  The last sewing day at Jan-Maree's I made up 5 blocks as there weren't sufficient sewers put up their hand to make a block.  The rest came in the post over the next few weeks.
Here are some of the contributions: 

Last week I laid it all out and got it sewn together.

I then took it on Friday to get it pinned for quilting.  Disaster!  It wasn't long enough.  We make Aussie Hero quilts at 72" long - some of them are big boys!
I had made the assumption that since I was getting the blocks, there would be sufficient sent to me for me to make the quilt.  Silly me.  Should have measured it eh?
So back home it came and I put my thinking cap on.  I decided to unpick the seam between the second and third rows and insert a 6.5" strip with an appliqued Aussie saying.  While thinking about this, I picked up an absolutely hilarious book called "Lost for Words" by Hugh Dunn, which is all about Aussie slang and sayings.  Totally distracted, I flicked through and read bits here and there, which is really the only way to read that book. It made me realise that we are losing our identity.  With all the immigrants here and the television shows from the US & UK, we are becoming less Aussie in the way we speak.   I try hard not to use a lot of Australianisms in this blog because I know a lot of my readers are from overseas, but reading it, I realise that in normal conversation I tend to use quite a bit of slang.  Not a bad thing I guess, we are Aussies! 
I have come up with this.

Tibby was most interested as I laid it out to photograph.  It was so hard to get the photos without her in it.  LOL  Didn't quite manage it here.

This afternoon I did some of the lettering using the buttonhole stitch on my machine.  Love that machine!!

With a  bit of luck I'll have it all done by Friday and the quilt sewn back up, so then I can take it to pin on the trestle tables.

Til next time.....Keep on stitching.


  1. Ooohhh that's PeRFecT... and it looks like it was designed to have it!
    Great Idea Dasha! Well done! :)

  2. Fun quilt and a great solution. And now the translation, please!


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