Sunday, 20 July 2014

Sunday Evening Wind Down

A bit of a manic week this week.  The Dearly Beloved has been in hospital for a few days with a minor op.  Very thankful that he is home safe and sound tonight even though he has the footy on right now at a bazillion decibels, accompanied by much shrieking and a lot of "oh no's".  I guess his team is losing.

In between the hours I have spent at the hospital and the whole day I lost with the power outage, managed a few snatched times at the sewing machine.  First up, I have completed the last border on Blue Nines.

I made a scrappy inner border from 3" squares.  Together with the 2.5" squares I used for the four patches and the alternate 6" blocks, I have used rather a lot of squares.  But it doesn't seem to have made much of a dent on those baggies!  To make matters worse, I cut up a whole lot more scraps on Wednesday while the power was out (see here).  Guess that's the name of the game.  LOL.
Next cab off the rank, I pieced 3 separate backings from fabrics in my charity donation cupboard.  I get given so much that not all of it finds its' way to Cabarita.  Apart from anything else, there is so much down there that we have storage problems.  Anyway, I decided to relieve some of my cupboard space, and got 3 pieced.
This afternoon I set to and put the framing border on Green Beans Please.  I dithered for so long about that - couldn't make up my mind on the purple or green, and if green, which of the two greens I had.  Today I bit the bullet and cut into the purple.  So pleased I did!

The last time I was in Cabarita, I found a few pieces of green plaid in the green box, and then the following week, Jan-Maree (Aussie Hero Quilts) gave me a few more when I was at the sewing day.  I now have a little selection and have planned a scrappy plaid border using "bricks" of colour.  I cut most of it this afternoon before coming up to write this post.
Not much red got done this week.  LOL.
I am now officially "over" those applique flowers!  My next quilt is going to be a yellow and green Disappearing Nine Patch in honour of the Commonwealth Games which start in Glasgow on the 23rd July. Australia's official colours are green and gold, and as I haven't made a yellow quilt to go with the RSC colour of the month for June, I decided that was apt.  Besides it might use up some of those green 6" squares I cut up the other day - there were heaps of them.
In trawling through my photos, I realised that I haven't shown you the last two blocks I have made for the Civil War BOM.  Even though it is a few weeks since I made them.
This one is the one for April - Block 3, New Garden Star.

I foundation pieced the star points.  The rest was just ordinary blocks.  It was quite tricky getting those stripes to line up with the point, and I didn't quite achieve it on a couple of the points, despite foundation piecing.  I love this block.

And this one is the block for May - Block 4, Canada Star.

I introduced a bit of blue into the equation.  Hope I don't regret that later.  Despite having made those, I am still behind with June and July's blocks to do.  There will be another one in a week or so.
I have also been working on the corner pieces for my Lets Book It project in the evenings, and have almost finished the fourth corner.  Yay!  That's what I will be doing tonight if I can keep the eyes open.  It will be good to sew those corners on and make some real progress on that.
I will link this up to Slow Sunday Stitching at Kathy's Quilts later tonight when the link goes up. 
Next week is a quieter week thankfully, and hopefully I will get a bit of quiet time down in my workroom. 

Til next time.....Keep on stitching.


  1. Despite all the setbacks this week, you've still done a lot. Green beans looks great; a green plaid border will finish it perfectly. Love the BOM blocks: the points look perfect.

  2. Yes I agree the interuptions haven't hindered you much ,you got such a lot done,well done on your beautiful work.xx

  3. Even with having some setbacks going on you have made great progress on all of your lovely projects :)

  4. You've managed to get a lot of sewing done! I love that wonderful red star block. Good to hear Mr is well enough to cheer his team on, that's always a good sign.

  5. I like the purple border too! I hope this week goes smoother and your patient has a speedy recovery.

  6. I think you did great considering everything you had to put up with. Love the purple border too!

  7. Although I didn't see the green options, I think the purple border was the best choice. It brings out the flowers so nicely. You got a lot of work done for someone with a busy week. Time for a Sunday and slow down time stitching. Enjoy. Love those BOM.

  8. Oh wow, you have done heaps. I'm tired just reading about it

  9. You have been so productive! Well done.

  10. que lindos tapices y el bloque de la estrella me ha encantado, felicitaciones!!!

  11. I love, love, love New Garden Star as well as all of your other stitching. You have been quite busy despite everything. I hope DB heals quickly.

  12. Cute quilts. I should have joined in on that BOM since I have a LOT of cw repros but I didn't finish the last cw quilt along. Your blocks are gorgeous.

  13. I do like the purple border on the purple and green quilt. Looks like you are getting lots done!

  14. I'm always amazed at how many projects you have going at one time. How do you keep track of them all? I love that New Garden square -- beautiful star. The purple border does look good on your Green Beans; it's a good color balance. You have a good eye :)


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