Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Power Outage

Today our power went off at 8am and has only just come back on.  We actually knew about it as there was a note a few days ago telling us they were going to be working in our area.

What happened is that the guys put in a new pole up the end of our street.

Last night I had the smart idea of ironing a pile of scraps to work on today.  Last week, when I went down to the Aussie Heroes sewing day, Jan-Maree gave me a large bag full of scraps which were of no use to her.  I decided to deal with those, and here is what I started with this morning.

I ended up having to move my cutting table across the room to the big window because without the lights in my workroom it was quite dark.  Having moved it, I found there were piles of dust under and behind it, so before I did anything I had to clean the room. 

Here is the pile now.  All chopped into useable squares and strips and ready to put away.  All the bigger bits, I folded and organised into colours and put them away into my charity fabric stash.  Feeling virtuous!  LOL

The Dearly Beloved found an old camp stove in the garage, so we set that up to boil the water for tea.  It worked a treat and I was very grateful for that!

And this afternoon, I went up to check what the guys had done. 

They have put up a second pole (the taller one on the right) beside the old one, and taken the top off the old pole (no idea why).  They have also transferred some of the wiring, but they are not finished, so I guess we will lose the power again some time soon.  Better not put away that camp stove!
Now to go and put the last of the borders on Blue Nines.
Til next time.....Keep on stitching


  1. Hi Dasha we had that happen a couple of weeks ago and I lost the internet for 3 days,lol,lovely lot of scraps can't wait to see what you make.xx

  2. You don't realise all the little things you need power for until they turn it off. It's good they gave you some warning. It sounds like it was a good chance to clean and get lots of cutting done.

  3. Just imagine what life would be like if the power never comes back on!
    Hand sewing and the fancy machines we have of no use any more - makes you think doesnt it. Back to more traditional or simple lifestyles? lol
    OMG - mind you all that hand washing!!

  4. You are virtuous! I enjoyed reading about your Camping-at-Home experience. You said, "Having moved it, I found there were piles of dust under and behind it, so before I did anything I had to clean the room." And that's exactly the reason we must NOT move things!! :) Once I begin moving things and cleaning after, I might as well give up knitting for the day.


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