Saturday, 12 July 2014

July is RED

On Thursday I decided I had better get a wriggle on and make a red block for the RSC seeing as the month is almost half over, and I hadn't lifted a finger yet.

So I sat down and produced this....

Red Road to Tennessee.  I found it a bit hard to get enough variety and contrast.  Most of my reds seem to be medium dark.  Love it, love it, love it!  Did I mention that I love it??
Had so much fun with that, that I immediately dragged out the 3" squares for the scrappy 25-patch I am doing.

I had to leave off that and go feed the Man (and the Puss), but then raced down to finish it off after dinner.  I seemed to have many more reds in 3" so there's lots of contrast in that.
This is the weekly post for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge at soscrappy.  Why not click on the link and take a look at some of the other red lovelies.
I was going out to dinner on Wednesday night with a group of ladies, a few of whom I worked with many years ago.  I found this to take along...

Wasn't that a great find?  I bought it purely for the label, and it turned out quite a nice wine.  Bonus.
Also during the week, I went down to Sydney to another sewing day at Jan-Maree's.  She is the co-ordinator and organiser extraordinaire of Aussie Hero Quilts.  There were only two of us turned up - Stephanie & I.  Stephanie set to sorting and organising fabrics, and I sat behind my machine and sewed like fury.  Well, I am a pretty slow sewer really, but Jan-Maree kept putting organised little piles in front of me and Stephanie ironed the things I sewed, so it was totally uninterrupted sewing.
I pieced 3 backings.
Made 5 star blocks for the Mystery Quilt we are doing.
The one on the top left cracked me up as I was sewing it.  Here is a close up.

Red Back Spiders in the middle! For those who do not live in Australia, Red Backs are a venomous spider and you can read a bit about them here.  There is also a brand of beer sold here which is call Red Back. 
The left hand star point on each side has little tone one tone saying such as "boys will be boys", "marbles" etc.  Very cute, but there weren't enough of those to go right around so the right had star points are different.  I just loved the one with the skull & bones on it.
The brief for the Mystery Quilt was Star blocks with a royal blue background, the centre square to be a novelty fabric that fits in with the theme of sport, outback or nature.  I have put my hand up to be the co-ordinator of this, so I will be the contact point to receive the blocks, and then I will put it together.  There weren't enough people registered to make the blocks for this, so the 5 I made are those over and above the one I registered for (haven't made that yet).
The fifth block I made is on the right of this photo.  The one on the left was one Jan-Maree had received and passed on to me.
To finish off the day, I made 3 nine-patch blocks for a Disappearing Nine Patch quilt.  No photos to show for them.

Til next time.....Keep on stitching.


  1. Patchwork wine!??! I need it! What a find!
    Love your red blocks to go with a red quilty wine!

  2. "I Spy" a Mary Engelbreit toile in the Road to Tennessee block - love it! (I'm a toile collector) Patchwork wine - who knew? Wonder if it can be found in the States?!

  3. Wow Dasha love your blocks and what a lovely thing to by helping out,hope you have a lovely weekend my friend.xx

  4. Love the name of the wine. How was it? You have been busy. Sorry to hear more quilters didn't show up for such a worthy cause. What a great theme for the Aussie Hero Quilts - sport stars. Hope you get a few more blocks to put it together.

  5. I love your blocks made with reds. It's a great firey colour to warm up July. I've got a bottle of that wine too, I've been saving it to drink with sewing friends. It's good to hear it's a nice drop.

  6. i love Jan Marrie , she is the sweetest person

  7. ummm, I just had to evict a family of spiders just like those, from my porch last week. ick. in the dog's matress on the porch. LeeAnna Paylor

  8. Patchwork wine? Too funny. I love those stars. They are so cute. I keep up with what Stephanie is doing with Aussie Heroes quite a bit when she posts to Stashbusters! She sure gets a lot done!

  9. I love your blocks, Dasha. RSC and stars. Here in North Carolina we have a poisonous shiny black spider with a red hour glass on it's body.

  10. That very first top photo is very pretty. I think the blend of medium/dark reds is lovely. But I do NOT like that spiders at all -- icky! They look rather like ticks to me. Good work on all that! It is so much easier to sew quickly when someone is feeding you well-prepped material :)


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