Friday, 25 July 2014

Happy Mail & Other Things

On Wednesday I drove down to Sydney for another sewing day at Aussie Hero Quilts.  It was a nice day with a few more turning up than last time, including my friends Robin & Evelyn from Stitching Hearts, although we didn't get too much time to gossip since Jan-Maree kept our noses to the grindstone (well mine anyway, LOL).

When I got home there was some Happy Mail!!  Woo Hoo!!  Love those little parcels.  The lovely Shez, who blogs here, ran a secret give away a week or two back, and drew my name from the people who commented on one of her posts.  What a surprise to win a give away when you don't even know you have entered!

A little Christmas ornament stitched by Shez.  Isn't the little angel sweet?  So is Shez by the way, (*grin)
Yesterday afternoon two of the grandies walked up the hill from school for afternoon tea.  We had the board game Park and Shop out almost before the tea things were cleared off the table!  That is a favourite game for them.  It was actually my game when I was 7 or 8, then we played it with my daughter, now the kids love it.  Truly vintage, this one.
I love that the kids want to play all the ancient games, the ones which have stuck around for decades, and seem to prefer them to the more modern ones.  Perhaps it's the novelty of playing the games which aren't around much now, or just that they are different to those at home. 

Have you ever played this game?  What is your favourite board game?

After dinner, there was nothing on TV, so I went off downstairs to the workroom and sewed like a demented thing until 11.30pm.

First up, I finished Green Beans Please.  Here it is with its' final plaid border on.  I am so glad I held off putting the borders on, until I had what I really wanted.  I was so cross the day I went shopping, that I couldn't find any plaids, but that is really what it needed.  In case you missed it, here is my previous post.  I will put a purple binding on this.

I then got stuck into the piles of green and gold squares I cut up a day or so ago, and I now have all the nine patches constructed.  Next step is to cross cut them and resew for the D9P.

Off to Friday Quilters this morning.

Til next time.....Keep on stitching.


  1. LoVe the ornie that Shez sent... and you always have wonderful projects on the go...
    Enjoy your Friday sewing day out too :)

  2. Hi Dasha yes i agree you do always have lovely projects on the go and i am so glad ythat you love your xmas decoration it looks lovely in the pattern that you chose and the fabric that you picked,she turned out rather cute,lol,enjoy your day my friend.xx


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