Monday, 7 July 2014

A Finish & A Fix

Pink Fizz is a flimsy.  Woo Hoo.  Only about 3 years in the making LOL.

After piecing all the blocks with the sashing and cornerstones, I found a pretty, soft olive green stripe in my stash which tones in nicely with the green in the floral strips.  So I used that to make a thin framing border, and then found some off cuts of backing fabric from another ancient quilt for the outer border.

So this is what it looks like now. 

I would have preferred another round of blocks to make it up to 5 x 5 as it is a little smaller than what we usually make, but them's the breaks.  I also found a piece of suitable fabric for the backing, so I pieced that to size as well.  All done and it will go with me to the next Stitching Hearts day.
In the process of looking for the backing for Pink Fizz, I found a parcel donated to me by my friend Di.  This quilt top was in a bagged bundle she bought at a Garage Sale.  All it needed (I thought) was that piece centre middle fitted into the top, then the centre seam sewn and it would be done.

It was only after I laid it out to do the centre seam, that I noticed there was something wrong.  Can you see on the left hand edge, in the centre, the two blocks with the HSTs?  The top one is rotate the wrong way.  So it had to come out and then refitted.  So a half hour job stretched to nearly 2.  It is obvious when you look at it, that quite a few of these corner blocks had been set incorrectly as there is a lot of obvious restitching. 
I have the top complete now, but I want to put on some borders.  It is currently 58" square, which is too big for the lap quilts we make and too small as a full quilt.  I am struggling a bit with what to add to it.  I think it needs something to calm it down a bit, so I have pulled some blue homespun which tones with the blues in the florals.  I figure I can then add in another floral fabric as a second border, but everything in my cupboard looks positively evil with it.  No fabrics came with this, so I shall have to ponder it a bit more. 
This morning we got an unexpected invitation to morning tea.  Miss 11 had been slaving over a hot stove, and had created these for us.

Grapes, strawberries, bananas and marshmallows, skewered and drizzled with melted chocolate.  She had also made a chocolate cake.  Yum!  I love invitations like these.
Miss 13 has been behind the sewing machine these holidays.  We were invited to admire her handiwork..... 

A pretty dress for her little sister's doll.  Isn't it cute?
She was making baby's bibs as gifts this morning, and whipped 2 up while we were there.

Miss 8, not to be outdone, showed off the quilt she has under construction.

The two large pieced blocks in the centre were made by Miss 13 about 6 months ago, but she didn't like them, so Miss 8 decided to put them into her quilt.  While I was there, I worked out how to piece a section to go between them to join them up.
This afternoon I need to set to and hem some trousers.  I went shopping yesterday and bagged myself a couple of bargains in the sales.  Besides the trousers, I also picked up a couple of tops, also on sale.  Tickled pink with my purchases.

Til next time.....Keep on stitching.


  1. Love what you've done with Pink Fizz. Great sewing by the kids, I love that one is making dolls clothes for the other. Very talented xx

  2. Hi Dasha sounds like the girls are taking after their nana,well done girls and boy i love the quilts especially the pink and green thats gorgeous,well done Dasha.xx

  3. Well done girls on your sewing efforts and the same to you Dasha on your repairs and excellent handy work.

  4. So great to see youngsters so caught up in some sewing - great work - and the afternoon tea looks delicious! Your Pink Fizz looks great and also the other salvaged blocks - very cool that they are being given a second chance in life.

  5. Pink Fizz is lovely! I was just thinking "pale blue" for the border on the other quilt, when you said you had pulled a blue.... :) Your grand girls are doing wonderfully with the sewing and cooking! I am still working on getting mine to take up sewing (they are 6 and 9 - almost 7 and 10 - younger is a boy, older is a girl). Any tips?

  6. So lovely to see the girls so enthralled with stitching and lol so generous with the yummies!
    Thats a nice fix but I bet it was a nuisnmace come the moment you realsied how much extra work was needed. You can see why someone lost the will to complete it so passed it on!
    I suppose you could go the hog and add a narrow light blue strip round then a deep purple final border! It would either kill or cure it!

  7. Love your Pink Fizz and what talented young ladies you have there. Not only with their sewing but yummy cooking too..LOL

  8. What a delight your granddaughters are! I know you're proud of all their creativity, and especially how they use it to serve others. I bet that tea was delicious -- what a clever idea with the skewers! Oh, and the Pink Fizz is very, very pretty. The green really adds that pop of color.


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