Sunday, 22 June 2014

Who Uses Flickr??

This is a bit of a plea for help from seasoned Flickr users.  I created a profile for myself on Filckr because I wanted to share my exploits in the Civil War QAL with the group which was set up for that purpose.  But I have found it SO hard to use!

My biggest beef is the comments.  In Blogger, all the lovely comments on my posts are forwarded onto my email address as standard emails, and so I can actually say thank you to the people who have taken the time and trouble to leave me a comment, by replying to that email.  But I can't see how to do that in Flickr. 

Can anyone help me there?

Problem No. 2 is the photos I load up.  For Blogger I upload my photos which then get stored in Picasa.  Lovely, easy to use and immediately accessible at all times.  But not to Flickr.  Seems I have to go through the upload process all over again.  Am I doing something wrong?

Bottom line is I hate it.  But that is probably operator fault.  As a result I really haven't used it except for the QAL.

Thanks heaps for your help

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  1. Flickr is mainly about photos and it is pretty easy to upload photos to it. It isn't so easy to talk to people on flickr. Although there is an e-mail system you have to search to find it. - Literally - in the search bar type Flickr and before you get it all typed a drop down box will appear and you will see Flickr Mail as an option. Click on it and you get to go to your Flickr e-mail. Most people just leave comments on a photo and replies to the comments on the photos. By any comment you will see a little back arrow - you click on that to reply to a comment. If you join a group there are usually (or often) discussions that you can participate in by leaving comments and replying to others comments. It really is about photos though and that is the only part of Flickr that is easy.


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