Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Tuesday Archive

I am absolutely mortified!  All this time I have been complaining about word verification on blogs, and yesterday afternoon there was a comment on one of my posts asking if I knew it was on mine!  I have turned it off, and have to ask you lovely people to let me know if it comes on again.

Today is Tuesday, and I have decided to join into Tuesday Archive at Val's Quilting Studio (pretty button on the right side bar!).  This week's theme is dogs and dots.  This is a quilt I made pre blogging days, so I can't link back into my archive.

I am basically not a doggy person, gimme a cat any day, but early in 2013 I was asked to make a quilt for a chap for Aussie Heroes. I just happened to have a panel with Labradors on it, and this chap had two Labs at home which he was missing dearly.

I quilted in his name into the section above the panel, so I have fuzzed it out to protect his privacy. 
Here is the quilt, held up by my ever patient Dearly Beloved.  The best quilt holder upperer I know of.

And I made my chap a laundry bag as well with fabrics which were in the quilt.  Around the centre label I used fabric which had tiny little paw prints.

And here is a photo of the chaps on HMAS Toowoomba somewhere out at sea with the quilts and laundry bags they received from Aussie Hero Quilts & Laundry Bags.  You can just make out my man second from the right, with his quilt.

I know its OK to publish this because this photo is actually on the AHQ Facebook page here
I got an lovely letter from him, part of which I am quoting:

Your gifts of a sensational quilt, laundry bag, Aussie hat and nibbles has really touched me, my only concern is that the quilt may put a strain on my marriage of 28 years as my wife XXXX will no doubt try and coerce it from me. I am truly grateful for all the time, effort and obvious pride that has gone into this quilt and laundry bag. The quilt fits perfectly on my bunk and it already has pride of place on my bunk, in fact when I opened your parcel yesterday I was walking around the ship with it draped over my shoulders showing everyone I came too, including the CO what a fantastic quilt I had received and weren't they envious!!
Another thing I wanted to share with you today is this story.

On Saturday my daughter came by to have a gossip and a cuppa.  Midway through her visit, her phone rang, and it was Miss 8.  Miss 13 had been using the sewing machine that morning and left it up when she went out, so Miss 8 was inspired.  She collected some left over squares from the quilt she made earlier this year, and cut a few more (with scissors), sewed them together into pairs, and now wanted to know if she had to iron them before she did anything else.

So daughter & I went downstairs to see what we could find in my work room which might be suitable, and I sent her home with a stack of 5" squares about an inch high.  Haven't a clue how many that is.

At 9pm Saturday I got a text with this photo....
Miss 8 had wasted no time at all and had sewn all the squares I'd given her together into pairs.
This was too much for me, so Sunday afternoon I hauled out my scraps, and cut a whole pile more squares and delivered them on Monday morning.  At 4.20pm Monday this is the text I got....

Straight into it, as soon as she got home from school.  Love my little poppet!
It is school holidays next week, so I guess we will be completing a quilt top sometime.
Meanwhile, if you would like to read an amazing story, head on over to the Stitching Hearts blog and take a look at this story.
The last few days, Blogger has been playing up, and my reading list is a mess.  For some reason, only one blog post at a time is displayed, so I have missed anything you have posted in the last 3 or 4 days.  Bummer.  I checked out "help", and there are a few people out there complaining about it.  The official response is that it is a "known problem".  But the first issue was raised on the 16th which is a week ago.  What is going on??
Til next time.....Keep on stitching.


  1. that's about the time I started piecing squares too. I never lost my love of fabric and I'm nearing 60
    not afraid of color lapaylor.blogspot.com

  2. I love the quilt and what a lovely thing to do to ship it out for the military. Looks like you have a little helper/sewing partner in the making xx

  3. Dasha...thanks for adding the tuesday archive button....YAH!!! Also...I so remember those dog panels...early 90''s I think...as I made a few quillows out of similar fabric! Good memories!! Love that this quilt will now be part of your blog archives:) Your little poppet is adorable at the sewing machine there...off to check out the Stitching Hearts blog. :)

  4. Love the quilt with the doggie panel in it, awhile back I was trying to figure out what to do with some deer and fish panels and never did figure it out. This pattern would be great! I am going to remember it for one day!

  5. Hi, Dasha!! Long time no see! :) I love that your granddaughter is quilting with such enthusiasm -- that's wonderful! What fun you will have together, and she's lucky to have someone keep her supplied with squares :) She's doing great. The letter from the soldier is such a treasure. How thoughtful of you!
    I think I used to have word verification on my blog, but friends did complaint that they couldn't always tell what it was saying. Valid complaint. Now I just get to check each comment first, which is also a bit of a pain, but not as bad. I still have some blogging friends who use no "fence" at all for comments, and I guess it works for them. I get too much spam when I do that. Sigh!!!


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