Sunday, 15 June 2014

Sunday Night Recap

Unbelievably it is Sunday afternoon.  Where did this week go?? 

So what I have been up to this week apart from getting ready for that (failed) garage sale?

For starters I have worked on this quilt.....

2.5" blue squares made up into 4-patches and framed with lime green, alternated with 6" squares.  You guessed it - for Stitching Hearts.  I started piecing the 4-patches at our retreat at the end of May, and have done the rest over 2 weeks at Friday Quilters.

The lime green, which looks like a dirty olive in this photo, I bought in Blackheath while we were away.  It really sets off the blues.  Next will be a plain navy border, then a row of blue scrappy 3" squares, then another border of navy.  I will use a scrappy blue binding.  There are lots of off cuts in my left over bindings bin, so using some will be a bonus.
I managed another 4 blocks for the June BOM for Aussie Heroes.  The pattern is on their page here.  Such a lovely easy block, and boy did I make some boo boos.  I can only blame lack of time and hurrying.
For this group I fussy cut some motor cycles.  Sadly, they were just a bit too big to fit wholly on the finished block.  Aren't they great?

And here they are with the red & blue ones I made last week.  Eight in all.

That blue fabric has little Scotty dogs on it.  So cute.
I made 5 metres of bunting to use for the garage sale yesterday.  I showed it to you wrapped around the telegraph pole in my last post here.  It looked very festive, together with the bunting that Di leant me.  I also showed you my first yellow block for the RSC which I made yesterday in that post.
This afternoon I finished off some secret sewing.  Not showing you any more than this corner.  You'll have to wait awhile til the gift arrives at its destination.

But the main bit of excitement for the week is that we bought a new car!!  It is to be delivered next week, and is a brand new Toyota Corolla in a lovely metallic red called Wildfire.  First new car in 19 years.  Can't wait to have a real drive in it.
More exciting news is that I have been allocated my swap partner for the Santa Sack Swap (click on that link on the right to see more).  My partner is Barb and she blogs here.  We have had a lovely conversation this afternoon.
I have made a meatloaf for tonight.  Just felt like some comfort food.  For dessert I've made Sticky Pears.  I found it at the Monday Morning Cooking Club blog.  I heard an interview with a couple of the ladies from MMCC a couple of weeks ago on the raido, checked out their blog and found that recipe.  I made it a day or two later when my cousin, who lives in Canberra, visited me for dinner.  They were yummo, so I thought we could do with some again tonight.
This evening I am planning to curl up in front of the TV and finish off the last couple of red flowers I have been appliqueing in the last few weeks.

Same plan as for "Purple People Eater" and "Green Beans Please".  This one is not very original - "Roses are Red...."

I will link this up with Slow Stitching Sunday later tonight when the link goes up.  Click on the link to see what others are stitching tonight.

Now its time for that meat loaf......

Til next time.....Keep on stitching.


  1. You always get so much done in a week. I like the arrangement you've made with the blue 4-patches; the green gives it movement. Good luck with your swap, it looks interesting.

  2. Hi Dasha those motor bikes are awesome and I love the green borders,you are very clever ,lovely blocks,well done.xx

  3. Such fun projects! congrats on the new car.
    Love those red flowers.... I may steal that and do some in pink to go with my pink nine patches for a little baby quilt! Thanks so much for the inspiration.

  4. My son would love a quilt with motorcycles!! :)

  5. Love the blue with lime green - I will definitely have to try that! Hope the new car brings you many smiles!

  6. Wow... that recipe is time intensive... 3 hours to cook the pears?!?! I guess I would do it if they tasted amazing :)
    Enjoy stitching your flowers... thanks for linking up!

  7. Wonderful projects that you have going. How exciting a new car. I drive a prius that turns ten this August and my husbands Tacoma turns 11 in July. Wildfire red sounds like a great color too!

  8. Cute flowers...I remember "Flying Purple People Eater"...some Ausie Hero is going to be lucky to get that quilt.

  9. You sound very busy! Lots of fun.:) Great to be getting a new car too! I have never had one myself, but I hear they are lovely acquisitions.:)

  10. You've been productive on some great projects. I knew Barb & you would hit it off...
    enjoy the SSS. :)

  11. Gosh, You've been busy!! Your quilts look great. I love the motor bikes on the Aussie Heros quilt. Lucky you getting a new car!! Toyota Corollas are such a good reliable car, and how fun that you're getting one that matches your applique flowers.

  12. What a busy lady you have been! I really, really like that first quilt, and how the lime green edges make those squares pop out -- so nice! You do such fast work; I'm amazed. I could start a quilt and not finish it in this lifetime, and I'm NOT joking! Just clicked over to that recipe, and it looks mighty delish. Never made slow roasted pears before. Enjoy!


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