Thursday, 5 June 2014

Retreat Part 3 - Final

Each year it has become a bit of a game that there is a challenge set at the Retreat, and this year Jan raised the stakes very high.
On Thursday night we were each given a paper bag in which there were 12 different items - fabric, paper clips, pipe cleaners, styrofoam ball, cupcake wrapper, rubber band, feather etc.
We were asked to make something out of them - we had to use 10 of the 12 items; we could add up to 2 other items; we could take additional items from the extras Jan had brought with her.  The reveal was at 8am on Saturday, when we had to vote for the winner, and there was a prize. 
From the contents it was pretty obvious that you could make up a little doll like structure.  But look at what the little inventive minds came up with:
How I feel sometimes LOL!
Clown with an umbrella

Three dainty little ladies...

The winner - difficult to see from the photo, but the two feathery objects are swans.

Gorgeous bird....

My effort...

This was a parachute stuck in a tree,,,

That's it folks.  No more retreat posts til next year. 
Til next time.....Keep on stitching.


  1. wow Dasha what inventive ladies ,very clever and a lot of fun,hope you have a lovely day Dasha.xx

  2. What fun, and how creative of everyone. And you got a feather in your cap!

  3. What a fun challenge!!! And all those creations are so clever and cute!!

  4. What a fun idea! Clearly you ladies really enjoy your time together. I like the lips on your creation :)


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