Saturday, 28 June 2014

Rainbow Scrap Challenge Progress

We spent the entire day at the girls' school on Thursday - it was Grandparents Day.  We started with a visit to the classrooms, saw the student's work, did some mental arithmetic and then a quiz. This year was a bit easier on us.  With our eldest grand daughter at High School, we only had to visit with 2 girls, so we split up and after half an hour, we swapped.  It worked well.
Then it was time for some morning tea in the sunshine, after which we were treated to a performance of the school musical.  The production was terrific, as usual, with 300 students in the show.  This year was a bit different because they had all the Junior School on stage, and those from the High School who wanted to perform auditioned for some of the parts.  Miss 11 had a major part, and Miss 8 was in the Junior Choir as well as in the class act.
This week I managed to get the 8 Road to Oklahoma blocks done for the RSC. 
I surprised myself.  Initially I thought that most of my yellows were pale lemony ones, but when I actually sorted them, I had everything form earthy yellows, through gold, an on to lemon.  There was even a variation of brights and soft yellows.  So I have grouped the different shades before I made my blocks.  Much better than I thought this would be. 
And then I made a scrappy 25-patch.
Today I made 2 Jacob's Ladder blocks in between going to have afternoon tea with the family.

So that is my quota of yellow blocks made for this month's challenge.  The link to the RSC at Soscrappy is here.
Friday afternoon I finished repairing this quilt. 
It was a donation to Stitching Hearts some weeks back, but when we went to pin it for quilting, we realised that the borders were so tightly eased that there were gathers all alone each side.  I brought it home to fix.  You can see the rippling and unevenness in the photo.

The outer border was 6" in width.  I took if all off, cut the width in half which gave me twice the length of it, and inserted the light blue & white stripe to make up the 6" width.  Now it sits flat.
So that is it for now.
Til next time.....Keep on stitching.


  1. Beautiful yellow challenge blocks, as ever!
    You did a good job on rescuing that other quilt top. Whoever made it was clearly getting tired of it by the time she got to the borders. I know the feeling! A pity, because now it's really good; your light blue addition lifts the whole thing and makes it seem larger.

  2. What spending special time with your GD's Dasha and I am so loving these blocks ,well done my friend.xx

  3. Oh, your yellow blocks are looking so good. You are going to have blocks for a couple of gorgeous rainbow quilts at year end.

    Good for you on volunteering to fix the quilt. (I don't even get to fixing my own).

  4. So many sunny yellows. Looks like you had quite a productive month.

  5. What an assortment of yellow! The Jacob's Ladder blocks are great.

  6. Beautiful blocks! You have been busy.

  7. Love your blocks and that quilt looks so much better now you've altered it. xxx

  8. What a great month of yellow you had. So neat that you get to go in for the day with the kids at school. The kids Grandma went and had lunch with them once this year at school and I know they loved it.

  9. Your RSC blocks are looking good and nice fix on the stitching hearts quilt!

  10. Great yellows. I haven't done mine yet.

  11. Great fix job. I like the quilt better with the light border in there! Grandparents day at school eh? I haven't been invited to one of those yet. Sounds like it was fun. Love all your yellow blocks. Yellow is my favourite colour. So cheery!

  12. Your yellow blocks are great! It's one of my many favorite colors.:) You're a very busy bee. We always enjoy the school musicals too--so much enthusiasm and raw talent.


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