Monday, 2 June 2014

Green Beans Please Needs Borders.

First of all, could I say thank you to all the lovely people who voted for my quilt Summer Evening in a Garden Maze in the Bloggers Quilt Festival.  There were some pretty spectacular quilts aired.  When all was done and dusted, my quilt received 20 votes.  Not enough to take prizes in its category, but boy I was chuffed with all those votes.  So thank you lovely bloggy friends for voting.

In my last post I told you about the lap quilt I am making for Stitching Hearts, which I called Green Beans Please. Well on Friday morning, I got it all together, and it needs a couple of borders to get it up to lap size.  And that is where the problems started.  On Sunday morning I went up to 2 of the most likely shops here on the Coast to see if I could buy some green plaid fabric.  Not a prayer!  No plaids anywhere, let alone in green.  I ended up with two fabrics, neither of which thrills me greatly.

I was thinking a frame border of solid, then the green plaid, then the frame repeated.

Here are my options:

1.  In this photo - a green check fabric on purple on the right, and a sort of check green batik on an olive green solid.

2.  This photo is the two fabrics switched, so the batik on the purple and the green check on the green.

3.  And for the last photo, I found an emerald green in the cupboard with the same green check and batik as above.

The green check on both green solids looks horrid and the emerald green is the wrong green for the batik, so I am left with the two options with the batik.  On balance I think I prefer the batik on the olive green, but I don't mind it on the purple.  I am not over happy with the batik in this quilt mostly because there isn't a whiff of batik in the quilt top.
Any comments on the choices??

The rest of the week is busy - 3 times down to Sydney on three consecutive days, and then on Friday sewing in the morning, and a bridge comp in the afternoon.  At least it is a public holiday on Monday so its a 3 day weekend.

Probably won't get a chance to read any blogs, let alone write any posts. 

So, Til next time.....Keep on stitching.


  1. Love your combo's, especially version 1 which incorporates the purple - a striking contrast.

  2. I like the green and the green check, photo 2. I'm not sure of the purple but might look good as the binding or use a not so bright purple. Sorry probably not much help xx

  3. Hmm. Well, I don't really like the batik for some reason, perhaps doesn't go with the white in the quilt? My fave combo is in the first pic, the green check on the purple. Seems to make the purple in the quilt pop out, and the darkness of it is a nice contrast to the light of the quilt. But they all look fine -- none of them are awful :)

  4. I would add another row of squares and then no border and use either the dark green or purple for binding. thats my two cents LOL it is a tough decision but I agree with MK. none of them are awful.


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