Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Getting Ready for the Sale

Since it has been cold and bleak lately, I made a yummy soup over the weekend.  It was a freebie recipe from the Coles magazine, and it was called "Quick Bean & Ham Minestrone".  If you are interested you will find the recipe here.

The recipe called for a ham hock, but I had the Christmas ham bone in the freezer, so was dead pleased to use that up.  One of the key ingredients was Kale, which I had never eaten, so that was another reason I wanted to use the recipe.  We both thoroughly enjoyed it, and I will be making this again.  Next time though, I am going to try it with Silverbeet instead of the Kale, see which of the two I prefer.
Meantime, every available minute of this past week I have been sorting stuff for the Second Hand Saturday Sale next Saturday.  I am planning to set it all up in our carport so that it is all under cover, but the carport is not secure, so it will all have to be done early on Saturday morning.  It won't be fun putting it all up as it has been quite cold in the early mornings lately, well cold for us, anyway.  Anyone from the Europe or America will think we are wusses, but we whinge when the temperature drops to below 15C.  LOL

Now I have realised that anyone o/s will need a translation - wuss = wimp. (giggle).

My work room is a tip!  But look at the satisfying bunch of stuff I am putting out.

This all came about because a friend asked me to dispose of "some" craft stuff when she was downsizing.  What arrived was an absolute truckload!  I was able to dispose of some of the things to various places, but when I tried to take the Folk Art supplies to the craft op-shop I go to, they refused it because they can't sell that sort of stuff.  By this time my friend had sold her house and left for a country town, so well out of reach for me to return it.  I decided to try to sell it and give the money to charity.  Once I had made the decision to sell it, I thought of going to a car boot sale, but that seemed like a lot of hassle, so garage sale it is.  My daughter is going to set up a table too, so I'll have company, and there will be more variety of goods.
Not all the stuff is from my friend.  I decided it would be a good plan to cull some of my excess as well, so I have been through my cupboards.  What a great feeling!  Whatever doesn't sell on Saturday, I'll give to the Salvos - they have a big op shop near us.  I am planning to give the proceeds of the sale to Stitching Hearts.  We badly need some yardage for backings etc.
I've been using my cutting table as a sorting depot.  This afternoon, I cleared a corner because I had had enough of sorting, and was desperate for some sew time.  Just look at this mess.  Tidying that up will have to be my job for next week after the sale.  And I am not going to show you the table in my work room.  That is even worse. 
So this afternoon I made up some Disappearing 4-Patch blocks for Aussie Heroes from their tutorial for the June BOM.  This is the first batch...

Such a simple pattern!  Yet I managed to make a mess of it on the first block.  Booooo Hissssss.  Once you make the 4-patch, you are supposed to make the first cut at 5.5" from the left edge, and then another 3.5" further to the right.  Well I made the first cut at 5" didn't I, and didn't see my mistake until I had made the second cut.  And of course I didn't have enough of the red fabric to simply replace the damaged bit.  I ended up piecing together two smaller pieces.  Then I noticed that on the second block I made, the stripes on the cream blocks AND the brick pattern on the red, were going every which way.  Bummer!  So I unpicked that block and remade it with all the stripes and the bricks going the right way.  I guess there would be lots who wouldn't have done that, but I just couldn't leave it.
This afternoon's post brought two cute little stitchery patterns I ordered from Michelle Ridgeway who blogs here.  Here they are, complete with the shadow of me taking the photo.
I can see me using the alphabet a lot, and the little Christmas decorations will be fun to stitch.  You can see the rest of the lovely designs she sells on her blog.
The other bit of sewing I have done this week I shall have to show another time.  It has been rainy and dull, so the photo I took was crummy.  I'll wait for a bit of sunshine to take another.
Til next time.....Keep on stitching.


  1. The Stitchery Alphabet looks delightful. Have a good time embellishing your gifts.

  2. Oh that soup looks so yummy Dasha might give it a try,and boy you sure have been busy,love your blocks,well done.xx

  3. Good luck with your sale! I hope everything GOES :)


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