Sunday, 4 May 2014

The End of Another Sunday

Where has this week gone?  If you have seen my week, would you please return it to me post haste?

A few days ago, I started on quilting a quilt I picked up at Cabarita to be quilted an embarrassing number of weeks ago.  I have got about a third of it done.
Tibby decided to do a QA job on it when I laid it out to photograph it this afternoon.

It seemed to meet with her approval.  LOL
I decided I was bored with meander quilting, so I have done a sort of Loop de Loop design.  It is dead easy, til you box yourself into a corner, then you need to do a sort of spiral to get yourself out of strife.  Have you done this design before?
I quite like this.  I've never done it before, and have no idea where I've seen if indeed I have ever seen it done. 
Thursday was Stitching Hearts day.  We had to miss 2 meetings because there was new air conditioning going into the hall where we meet.  Add to that the week I missed while on holidays, and then the week I was sick, it is several months since I actually went there.  So good to see everyone!
This year for our Retreat, we are all doing a 12.5" square which will be pieced into a quilt which we are planning to give to charity.  The colours are navy, lime and white.  I made mine on Friday at Friday Quilters.

The block is called Lost and Found, and I saw it on the Starwood Quilters blog here.  I was unable to find a pattern or a tute for the block on the Net, so I drafted it up myself - not hard.  But I am not very happy with the way the block turned out as the white fabric seems to have puckered.  You can see where it is pulling on the seams.  Looks almost as if the fabric has shrunk when I ironed it.   And No.  I didn't need to ease any seams.
During the week I pulled out the red/pink blocks sent to me by Jackie a while back, and started to make a replica of the Purple People Eater.

I have completed a couple of the red flowers for that.

But then yesterday I discovered that the colour of the month for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge for May is green.  So I decided to colour co-ordinate this project and pulled the pile of green blocks Jackie sent.  Lots of goodies there to choose from.

I have decided to do purple flowers for that, so I spent this afternoon getting a handful ready for the applique so that I can do them tonight.  The Vliesofix I was using was a pain.  It was the last of the batch, and kept separating.  All gone now thank goodness.

So that is what I will be up to this evening in front of the new series of Inspector George Gently on TV.  I am hooking up with Slow Stitching Sunday at Kathy's Quilts.  The link hasn't gone up yet, so I will have to edit this post when it does. [Edited to add the link, Monday morning]
Till next time.....Keep on stitching.


  1. I like your looping the loop quilting; I've just done some too! I saw it on a Youtube film a couple of weeks ago, but, until then I thought I'd invented it when stippling lines crossed, oops!

  2. wow you sure have been busy Dasha,well done,hope you have a lovely week.xx

  3. I'm glad you have such a sweet helper to inspect your quilts for you....:)

  4. Love you description of you loopy quilting.and how you got out of the corner. I usually hand quilt but have some tops that I am going to machine quilt as there are too many seams to deal with and the hand work will get lost. I only meander so maybe it is time to try the loops.

  5. You have so many lovely projects going on ! :) Ha ha my cat is on my quilts all of the time too! :)

  6. Perhaps your helper inspired your in how to get out of the
    You are very busy for someone who lost a week...& on some lovely projects! :)


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