Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Sew Cute Tuesday

I found myself the Guest Speaker at the Rotary Club of Drummoyne's meeting last week.  Rotary has supported Stitching Hearts for several years, and had decided to make another donation to our cause.  I have put up a blog post about that here, if you are interested.
It was a bit of a battle to get that done actually, as I had to drive down on Wednesday night, and then the following morning it was the Friday Quilter's Retreat in Katoomba. 
I had been so looking forward to that Retreat!!
Jan, Joyce & I drove up together and on the way up we stopped at Post Office Patchwork at Glenbrook.  Love. That. Shop!  Sadly, the shop is for sale, and will close at the end of this year if not sold beforehand.  While there, I just happened to find some fabric........
A lovely little bundle to add to my Civil War stash.  It looks a bit washed out and pale there, but I have a lot of dark fabrics in my stash and I particularly wanted some lighter shades to vary the stash.
At the Retreat, I began to make a quillo, but I got fed up with quilting that.  Mostly because I am used to having my machine set into a table which means that the machine bed is at table height.  At the Retreat my machine was set up on top of the table, and therefore much higher than usual.  Plus I didn't have the width of my table to lay the quillo on as I was quilting it. 
So I abandoned that at began to sew some blue four-patches which I am going to sash with this lovely lime green fabric I picked up in Blackheath (can't remember the name - sorry!).    

The four patches plus sashing end up at 6" square, and will be alternated with plain blue 6" squares.  It will be a Stitching Hearts quilt when it is finished.
The weekend was hectic because the Dearly Beloved and I played in the State Country Pairs event held at the Bridge Association.  We were ecstatic when we came in 2nd!
This morning, I was desperate to get to my machine!  So I grabbed my green scraps and started to put together the Road to Oklahoma blocks for the RSC.  Here is the first - 3 more under construction.
I have decided to link up this post with Sew Cute Tuesday, which is being run by Melissa this week on her blog, MsMidge.
Sew Cute Tuesday
Now I absolutely HAVE to go back to that machine!  Got about an hour before I have to come back upstairs to cook some dinner.
Til next time.....Keep on stitching.


  1. Nice road to Oklahoma block. I expect the others are finished by now too!
    It's good you got a pledge for Stitching Hearts from Rotary, although I can't imagine talking about quilts to a bunch of gray suits! My father was a Rotarian, but maybe they're not as stuffy in Australia as in UK!

  2. Beautiful work as usual Dasha.xx


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