Saturday, 31 May 2014

Retreat Part 2

This post I thought I would show you what some of the ladies were working on at the Retreat. 
Fiona came armed with several tops.  These two she wanted to get sandwiched ready for quilting.  One for her eldest son.....
And another for herself.....

She was also working on a top for her mother-in-law which I think she managed to get finished.
During the previous month or so we all made up one (or more) 12.5" blocks.  Colours were white, lime and navy.  The idea was to put together a charity quilt while we were at the retreat.  This is Fiona trying to work out where the blocks had to go.  She had taken a photo of the layout before we began to sew on the sashing.  It was a jigsaw putting it all back together again.

And here it is in its final layout.  Sorry about the light flash at the bottom.

There were so many blocks made for this that we had enough to put together a second quilt.  Well, almost.  Robyn made a block on Friday afternoon to make up the numbers.  We put it together yesterday at our usual Friday meeting.
Back in Katoomba, Robyn was finishing off this gorgeous pay mat for her first grand child who was born the previous week.  It is made of woolly fur, and each of the bit was made of different fabrics as a tactile experience for the baby.  So cute!
At our retreat last year, we handed over the completed Round Robin tops to each of us.  Robin has had hers quilted, and she brought it to put on her bed and to show off.
Ralene's daughter married Fiona's son recently, and the two ladies worked on a wedding quilt for them.  Each of the blocks has a marriage theme.  Don't know all the names but there is "Steps to the Altar", "Contrary Wife" and "Wedding Ring" in there somewhere.  Raelene's work is the Celtic design applique, and Fiona's are the pieced blocks.  Here it is on Raelene's bed.  I wasn't smart enough to photograph the bed freshly made - this was early one morning after the bed was slept in.

On Friday morning Di and I went to visit a new venue in Lawson.  The house we stay in is closing in a few weeks, so we had to find somewhere else to stay for next year.  Looks like we have a winner, so the retreat is booked for next year.
Then on Friday afternoon several of us went up to Blackheath Haberdashery & Fabric, a new little shop found by Jan.  I think we all manage to spend a $ or 2, LOL
Dinner on Friday night was at the Old City Bank Bar, which is part of the historic Carrington Hotel in Katoomba. 
After dinner we wandered up to the Carrington.  You approach it by a circular drive.  I can just see a carriage pulling up at the front stairs!  The Carrington originally opened in 1883 & was the premier location in the mountains for a holiday for many years.  It was restored in the late 1990's.
There are stunning stained glass windows which open onto the enclosed verandah at the front.  I think this faces East, so this would be a lovely spot to sit on a wintry morning.
Inside was magnificently restored, with a huge ballroom, library, dining rooms, bars, and a fabulous staircase.  At the foot of the stairs are life size models of Laurel & Hardy.

And here are some trendy Misses on the Carrington Hotel's staircase.  Don't you love the fashion of the 60s?  We went up there mid-week for a couple of days and thought ourselves so cool.  Couldn't afford to eat in the dining though, so had to go down the road for a burger LOL.

Til next time.....Keep on stitching.


  1. It's lovely to see lots of wonderful blocks and quilts being sewn on your retreat. It's great you had a time in the Blue Mountains. The Carrington is beautiful isn't it. I loved your photo of the stain glass windows.

  2. thankyou for sharing Dasha,that house or mansion is absolutely stunning what a wonderful place for a retreat,so sad it is closing,hope you have a lovely weekend Dasha.xx

  3. Wow! I'm amazed at all the work you ladies get done. Do you ever sleep? Have magical fingers perhaps? haha :) Just gorgeous -- that wedding quilt! With all that filigree applique! And those two you whipped up during the retreat -- well, I'm so very impressed. How wonderful for you all to meet like that, stitching up lots of fabric love, and making friendships over the years too.


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