Monday, 12 May 2014

Mother's Day

Yesterday was Mother's Day in Australia.  I know that in Britain they celebrate the day earlier in the year, but I think the States celebrates it the same day we do.  How about where you live?

My mother died in 1976.  Here she is not long before she died.  I still think of her often.

We had lunch at my daughter's - she and her family actually live just up the road a bit, so it is super convenient.  We have lots of "drop in" moments.  Son-in-law cooked us a magic slow cooked roast lamb because my daughter was called in to work unexpectedly.  Eldest grand daughter cooked a Pavlova, and I brought the fruit to decorate it.  Yum!  It is a great favourite here in OZ, and a fabulous dessert to serve for some one on a gluten free diet (me).

Didn't she do a great job??
Miss 11 approved of the IPod cover, so that was a relief. 

 Immediately signed in with the ITune card we gave her and began to down load stuff.
After a couple of games of Sequence (great game!) we decided to take Millie for a walk on Avoca beach. 

This little dog tore up and down in front of the waves barking furiously.  She was having a ball.

As the sun went down there were some stunning cloud formations on the skyline to the east over the sea.

And westward over the lagoon.

Today's job was an early morning appointment at the Physio.  Then I made up some Guava Jelly.  Here it is cooling, ready for labels.

A friend had given me some fruit a few weeks back.  I didn't have time to make it up then, so I boiled the fruit down and strained it, ready to cook up with sugar.  Today was the day.  Have you ever tried Guava Jelly?  My daughter made some up last year, and it was delicious, so when I had the opportunity for some freebie fruit, I grabbed it.  It looks a good batch and has set nicely.

This afternoon I got stuck into that purple quilt I was doing the Loop de Loops on the other day, and completed the quilting.  I didn't make this quilt - just quilted it.

It has the binding on, ready to take down to Cabarita on Thursday.  There are a couple of ladies there who like to hand sew binding, so who am I to complain?  That is why my Stitching Hearts quilts never finished when I photograph them.

Have you visited my Stitching Hearts blog?  Why not go take a look at what we do here?  I don't update that terribly often as we only meet a couple of times a month.

Til next time.....Keep on stitching.


  1. I bought Sequence at a garage sale the other day. A friend recommended it. But we haven't played it yet,hopefully soon. I'm glad the gift was a hit. Seems you can never go wrong with iPod stuff.

  2. Here it was Mother's Day yesterday too.
    We have Sequence in the cupboard too, but I don't think we ever played it. We aren't card players, so we probably didn't understand the instructions. It's time we tried again.
    I'm glad your iPod case fitted the bill, and you had such a pleasant day.

  3. love the pic of your mum Dasha and what a wonderful day you had and boy that jelly looks fantastic,well done.xx

  4. Happy Mother's Day, Dasha! It looks like you had a lovely time with your family. That Pavlova looks divine! I've only eaten it once, what a delight. Those photos of the beach are stunning. You live in such a beautiful place. Glad you can get over and enjoy the beauty and the skies.


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