Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Lets Book it Challenge

If you remember, a couple of weeks ago I announced the project I planned for the Lets Book it Challenge this month.
And I planned to use this batch of 4" squares.

Yes I know.  The fabrics don't bear much resemblance to those in the pattern in the book.  And just before you notice it, the pattern called for 4.5" squares, not 4".  But I wanted to use these squares as they have been hanging around for ages.

So yesterday I laid it all out and began to sew.  I had got 2 rows sewn together when I spat the dummy.

I just hated the fabrics!  Now I often make things from fabric which is less than attractive to me, and I am always finishing stuff off begun by someone else.  When you make things from donated fabrics, you rarely have the option to work within your favourite palette.  Not everyone has the same taste as I do but I know that whatever I make will be acceptable to someone.  But this was the pits!  In actual fact the individual fabrics were OK, but put together?  Nope!  Not going down that path!
So I gathered all those squares up, put them into batches of 50 in little baggies, and I am planning to sell them at the Second Hand Saturday sale in a couple of weeks.  Best let someone else have a go.
Then I pulled some green 4" squares, because I had more of them than 4.5" squares and I had already worked out the maths for the change in size of square, and laid them out.  Much better.  Still some evil fabrics in there, but the overall look is OK and I can work with it. 

Being green, they fit with the colour of the month for the RSC Challenge, and its a new project, so I can call it my NewFO challenge as well.  So I am happy. 
I can reveal some of the secret non-sewing I have done.  I have made a couple of tea towels with crocheted tops.  The one on the left I gave to my daughter as part of her anniversary gift last week end.  The other will be for us.

Tomorrow is an early start as I'm going down to Cabarita for Stitching Hearts.

Til next time.....Keep on stitching.

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  1. You have been busy Dasha ,love those tea towels.xx


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