Monday, 19 May 2014

Blogger's Quilt Festival 2014

I have decided to enter a quilt for the first time ever this year in the Blogger's Quilt Festival run by Amy.

The quilt I have chosen to enter is "Summer Evening in a Garden Maze" and it will be in the Applique Quilt category.

This quilt began life in a class some 6 years ago.  I had wanted a challenge.  Most of my quilting these days is for charity, and I was a little fed up with the quick, quick, squares and triangles I was making, so I wanted something slow and complex.  And I sure got that!
Within a week or so of starting the quilt, I changed the design of the centre medallion.  Instead of a completely scrappy medallion made totally of diamonds, I chose to use a hexagon in one colour between the stars.  I felt I wanted a more cohesive centre to the quilt.

I also chose to make it a single size instead of the queen size suggested by the pattern.  I wanted a challenge, but I DID want to finish this quilt some time!
This of course meant that I had to alter the vine & floral applique border to fit, which added a further complexity to the quilt construction.

And then of course the outer border needed amending too.  Well I decided to completely change that.

Most of the quilt is hand pieced.  All the stars, applique and hexagons I did by hand, but I decided to sew the long straight seams of the borders by machine.  All the fabrics came from my stash except for the green in the centre of the medallion and the borders, and the backing fabric.  The wadding is wool/poly.  The quilt itself is 68" x 78". 
The custom machine quilting was a brilliant job done by Jenny, a local long arm quilter.  It has absolutely made this quilt!
I am so utterly delighted with this quilt, I wanted to share it on line at the Quilt Festival. 
Voting begins on 24 May until 29 May and there will be awards given to the quilts which receive the most votes.  I do hope that when the time comes (and I will remind you LOL) you will go take a look at the quilts on display and most importantly vote for mine!


  1. wow Dasha this is gorgeous.xx

  2. Really great quilt! Just gorgeous.:)

  3. What a beautiful quilt. You have my vote!

  4. YAY!!!! I will definitely vote for yours, friend :) I love this quilt -- exquisite!


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