Friday, 11 April 2014

Summer Evening in a Garden Maze

is complete and I have taken it up to Wyong to the Central Coast Quilt Show which begins tomorrow.

It arrived home on Saturday morning, and the quilting is awesome!  It was done by Jenny Campbell of Coastal Quilting Services.  Thank you so much Jenny!  I am beyond delighted with the end result!

I have wanted to post some photos of the quilt ever since, but the weather has been grey and dreary for several days.  I finally couldn't wait for the sun any longer and took some photos just before I left for Wyong yesterday morning.

Here is the quilt finished.....

The centre is quilted with a feathery, all over design, and the tiny green border which surrounds the centre has a swirl running up it.

The applique border has had McTavishing done in the plain sections, and each of the appliqued pieces have been outlined in the ditch.  The result is that the appliqued pieces seem to stand up, sort of in a faux Trupunto effect.  The soft blue border fabric has been stitched in the ditch to emphasise the border print. 

If you would like to try McTavishing, Leah Day has a tutorial here.  If you Google it, there are loads of images on the web as well.
The outer border of stars and the hexagon corners have been individually quilted with a feathery design.  The inner circles of these have been cross hatched.  The last border has a single feather design.
You can see the quilting clearly on the reverse.

I sewed a pretty embroidery stitch in a variegated pink onto the outer edges of some calico for the label, and appliqued a spare star half on the label, half on the back of the quilt.

Now here's the rub - in my hurry to get it all finished, I sewed it on sideways!!!  In other words, not along the bottom edge, but along the side - going upwards.  I didn't notice that until I had completely finished the quilt and threw it on the floor to photograph the back of it.  Too late to do anything about it, as I only finished it all half an hour before leaving for Wyong yesterday.  Not sure what I can do about it, as I sewed it on at the same time I sewed the binding on.  Will have to mull that one over.  Any suggestions??
Last week my lovely friend Raelene gave me a crocheted spool doily she had made for me....

Isn't it pretty?  It now has pride of place on my Singer 99k

I also realised the other day that I have not posted a photo of the second block I have done for the Civil War BOM.  This one is called Mercer County Star. 
I am so chuffed with the two blocks I have done so far.  Love the colours, and the designs.  Block 3 has been released, but I haven't had time to do anything about it. 
There is a Flickr group been set up for people to show off their blocks here.  Its quite interesting to see the variety of blocks made by the others - not everyone has used Civil War fabrics, and some of the other combinations of fabrics are lovely.  I created a Flickr account for myself so that I could post mine there too, but boy did I struggle!  Flickr is definitely NOT user friendly.  I far & away prefer Picasa,
Til next time.....Keep on stitching


  1. The summer garden looks fabulous now, the quilting has enhanced the design perfectly. I've no idea about the label. I know it's the convention, but is it really important that it's aligned with the bottom? I've seen photos recently where the label was in the middle. Maybe if you are entering a competition you would have to unpick a bit and turn the label round; a pity, but not insurmountable. But that would depend on the competition rules.
    Your civil war star is perfect: all those perfect points, wow!

  2. Stunning looking quilt! and such a cute idea for the spool too : )

  3. your quilt is lovely..............beautiful really finishes a quilt doesn't it...........

  4. I am simply overwhelmed with how gorgeous your quilt is. And the quilting she did! Amazing! It fits perfectly with your work, esp. how she did the applique border section, how they stand out. Your color choice for the various fabrics shows real skill too, I think -- the quilt creates a mood, which is really nice in a blanket, if that doesn't sound crazy. Blankets/quilts seem to have a personality, and this one, to me, exudes relaxation and SLEEP :)


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