Sunday, 27 April 2014

More Purples

April's colour for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge was purple.  (Yum)  With the public holidays over Easter, I managed to get a few of my purple blocks done.  Here is the Road to Tennessee block:
And the scrappy 25 patch:
Then I decided to put together the "Purple People Eater" i.e. the yellow appliqued flowers I had been working on and the purple 6" squares Jackie sent me.  This is as far as I got last night:

I found a piece of yellow which was just perfect for the first border.  BUT  It wasn't big enough, so I cut the strips 1.75" instead of the 2" I had intended.  Just scraped through.  Phew!
There isn't enough of any one piece of purple for the next border in my stash, so I have decided to make it scrappy.  I cut a pile of "bricks" last night from scraps - 3.5" wide by whatever length I had, and have ended up with some as small as 5", and all the way up to 8.5".  I will sew them end to end, then cut the required lengths for the borders. 
The quilt will be for Stitching Hearts, and I would really love to have it done by Thursday, to take down to Sydney with me.  I have enjoyed making this quilt so much that I am planning to do another like it in another colour way. 
I had intended to finish that last night, but got distracted into scanning more photos.  This one is of my dad, centre front, aged about 8 or 9 flanked by his twin brothers, Jack and Sid.  Don't ask me which is which.  It was taken in Shanghai, China, roughly 1922.  Don't they look like a mischievous bunch of little monkeys?
A lot of the photos are in fairly bad shape, so I have Photoshopped them.  Some require much more work on them, but for now they are scanned and organised into appropriate places on my disk.
I still have my purple Jacobs Ladder blocks to do, but all is not lost, as there are still a few days of April left.
This morning I was amused to see that the flowers in church were purple too.
To see more purple goodies people have made for the RSC you will need to take a look here

Til next time.....Keep on stitching


  1. you have been very busy Dasha,well done your work is lovely,hope you have a lovely sunday.xx

  2. Purple and yellow look great together... And your blocks are so pretty!

  3. Love your quilt. You sound like me when I'm making my stash work for me. A lot of my borders are scrappy, each side different. And people think I planned it that way!
    Look your purple blocks. Sweet little guys in the old picture : )

  4. I like your mass of different purples in your blocks. Why "Purple People Eater"? That name must have a history!

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  6. I love your road to Tennessee blocks are lovely!

  7. Your blocks are fab Dasha and I have to say, purple is not one of my favourite colours, but teamed up with that gold border, it does look really good! xCathy

  8. You are really making those purples look grand! I love the picture of the little rascals, boy, I bet they were a handful! The flowers at church are gorgeous! I must say after being down with a cold, you have sprung back with a bunch of energy! I am having a hard time keeping up with you. I am going to do the challange, I have many many books to choose from! Just had to have them and now they collect dust!


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