Friday, 25 April 2014


Today is ANZAC Day, the day we commemorate the men & women who have served in the defence forces and gave their lives for their country.  The date is the anniversary of one of the costliest battles of WWI - the day the allied troops landed at Gallipoli on 25th April 1915.

It is a public holiday here, and dawned wet and wild.  I felt sorry for those who had made the effort to go to the dawn service and the march through Sydney.  But the wet weather made it a perfect day to hit my sewing machine.

I began straight after breakfast by laying out the purple blocks donated by Jackie and interspersed with the appliqued yellow flowers I have been working on.  You can see my earlier post about this project here.  So this is how it looked a couple of hours ago.

Those evil yellows I used are not terribly noticeable (thank goodness!).

Tibby decided that this post box that came a while back, and I have been too slack to put away, was worth investigating...

Oh Joy!  There is a pile of nice soft fabric in there...

Ah!  Nice...

No sooner did I have the blocks laid out and arranged to my satisfaction, than I got distracted.  The Dearly Beloved came downstairs and fixed the scanner.  I bought a new printer/scanner a week or so ago, and wanted to start on a large scanning project, but there were issues with the way I had installed the scanner.  So once that was sorted, I started on that job.  I want to scan all of the old family photos onto disk, partly to preserve them, but also so that I can distribute to other family members.  I spent most of the morning doing that.
I've also made a big pot of Broscht soup for our dinner tonight.  Long, long time since I made that.  My cousin Andrei in the US mentioned on Facebook that he had some borscht a couple of weeks back, and I have been dying to have some ever since.  I used a recipe given to me many years ago by Julie who lives in Oregon.  She & I were great mates until I was about 5, then our families went separate ways.  But I am still in contact with her and we have met up several times both in the US and here in Australia.
I can finally reveal one of the secret sewing things I have been making.  The ladies at church made these at the craft group on the Wednesday before Easter.  Aren't they cute?
One for my daughter on the left, and one for us on the right.  Can't show you the other things until they have been received.
Yesterday afternoon we went over to my daughter's to spend some time with the kids.  Miss 13 is off on a camp, but the other two were at home.  My daughter had to go to work at 2.30 so we wandered over and stayed a couple of hours.  We played Monopoly Empire.  And got thrashed by the kids!  Its a new game, a variant of the old Monopoly.  Instead of properties and houses, you buy brand names.  So there's McDonalds, X-Box, Ducati etc. etc.  Just plain advertising if you ask me - getting the kids to recognise the brand names, as if kids don't recognise them already.
Whatever the game, it was a nice way of spending an afternoon.
Now back to the purple blocks.
Til next time.....Keep on stitching


  1. Love your combination of purple and yellow -- so happy.

  2. I love the purple and yellow together! and Tibby in the box is the best! anytime you put a box out a cat will jump in, they just love them for some reason!


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