Friday, 18 April 2014

A Lovely Sunny Day for a Walk

After a cold snap and about a week of grey skies, we've had the most beautiful autumn day. 

We decided to go for a walk on North Avoca beach.  There were quite a few people on the beach, walking, reading and just enjoying the sunshine, but the surf was vicious so not many people foolhardy enough to venture out.

Looking towards Avoca

 You can see the waves breaking over the rocks in the distance

We decided that the waves were getting up around 4 meters.  Besides that, there was a sand bar a little way out, the waves were dumping on that, and there were strong currents going every which way in front of the sand bar. 

Before going out, I made my Road to Oklahoma blocks for the Rainbow Challenge.  You guessed it - the colour for this month is purple.

I am way behind with the RSC blocks as these are the first I have made this month, so hopefully I'll get a few more done over the week end.
I am linking up at the RSC Challenge page and you will find it here - why not go over and check out all the great things the others have made.
And here are a few more photos from the quilt show last week end.  There were a few quilts with spectacular applique work.  Like this one:

And the detail on the pansies (since the colour of the month is purple!)

Lovely hand quilting on that quilt too.

These next two photos were from a quilt which I forgot to photograph in full.  Blame that on a Senior's Moment. LOL.  The quilter had used a folded fabric technique to make 3-D flowers which I thought was stunning.

We came home yesterday afternoon to find heaps of blood in Tibby's stool.  So a frantic dash to the Vet before he closed, since today is Good Friday, and I have been shovelling medication into her today.  Poor little soul.  She does not take kindly to that, and I have several gashes to prove that she is displeased.  The vet wasn't concerned - said that it was just an inflamed bowel and that it would heal eventually.  Thank goodness.
Til next time.....Keep on stitching


  1. Pretty Oklahoma blocks. How many of them are you making each month?
    Aren't those appliqué pansies stunning? Would you say they had an extra layer of wadding behind them, they seem so 3D?
    I hope Tibby's better soon.

  2. Lovely pics Dasha and I hope Tibby is better soon,what a scare for you.xx

  3. I hope Tibby is better soon! Those applique flowers are really amazing! Your purple blocks look great! It would be fun working with a different colour each month.

  4. Beautiful blocks. Hope Tibby is feeling better today. Have a wonderful Easter weekend.

  5. Poor Tibby! What a scare for you, Dasha! Hope all is better soon.
    Your Road to Oklahoma blocks are lovely - such a nice range of colour in the blocks. The appliqued flowers in the quilt are stunning. I can't even begin to imagine the hours of work involved in the hand quilting and applique of the quilt.

  6. Your Road to Oklahoma blocks are beautiful! And thanks for the impromptu quilt show - such lovely eye candy!!!

  7. Lots of pretty purples in the road to Oklahoma blocks. I am glad your dog should be fine.

  8. I love your choice of the Road to Oklahoma blocks. (I confess I haven't seen a RSC pick that I didn't like ... which makes me want to make many more rainbow scraps quilts). You probably don't want to follow my example, but I am continuing to make rainbow blocks (broken dishes) for a quilt I started two years ago as part of the RSC. I think I can, I think I can finish them this year. I posted about my new and old scrappy purple blocks here.

  9. Love your Road to Oklahoma blocks and thanks for sharing the fabulous photos from the quilt show. Such stunning hand quilting, make me drool!

  10. The blocks you've made are really pretty. You may think you're behind but I've only collected my purple and haven't made a cut yet! Thanks for the pictures of the beach. I grew up by the beach and it brings lovely memories. I love the applique quilts you showed--what awesome talent!

  11. The blocks look great in purples together. Isn't quilting amazing?
    LeeAnna Paylor

  12. I hope Tibby is better soon! Those ocean waves were quite impressive -- don't you love a walk at the beach? It stills the soul. Glad you had fun at the quilt show!


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