Sunday, 16 March 2014

Very Slow Stitching all Week

I have been poorly all week - first a severe cold, which developed into bronchitis & asthma.  The asthma has not settled and I have spent the whole week in bed on and off.  Hence very little stitching!

Back earlier this week, I headed downstairs for an hour or so, and managed to sew the first block in the "Threads of Memory" block of the month by Barbara Brackman.  The block is called Portsmouth Star.

I have been wanting to make a Civil War quilt for a long time, so this was perfect timing to nudge me to do it.  I used two striped fabrics, the neutral and the dark brown, and fussy cut both so that the stripes all go the "right" way.  This of course meant copious reverse sewing, because no matter that I had laid out the block ready to sew, I still managed to put it together incorrectly.  I just love this.
There is now a Flickr group going for this, so I bit the bullet and created a Flickr account, not without problems mind you, and I have uploaded this block to it.  There are some truly gorgeous blocks up already.
I will be using this for my March NewFO for the linky at Cat Patches later this month.  Hopefully I will have done February's block by then.
I have made no progress at all in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  I went down this morning thinking I would put together a block or two, and managed no more than drawing the lines for some HSTs for the Jacobs Ladder blocks.  That will have to wait a bit longer.
Also during the week, I received a parcel from the give away I won earlier this month that Jan at Sew and Sow Farm ran.

There is a pack of EPP papers for 1" honeycombs, and for 1" squares.  The pack of honeycombs has a plastic template in it which will be useful.  The book is the Paper Pieces catalogue.  They have an enormous range of EPP supplies.

This afternoon I watched a storm come in from the south west from the bedroom window.  First the clouds - huge black thunderclouds appeared over the hills that run along the western horizon, just behind the other shore of Brisbane Water.  Then the curtain of rain became obvious, obliterating the hills, and progressing across the water.  Behind that curtain of rain the water was all dark grey and choppy with white horses dancing.  Then the wind hit!  The trees on our shoreline are only about 50 meters away, and the wind was hurling them from side to side.  And then the lashing rain.  Nature is truly awesome.  It lasted all of 10 minutes & passed over us, leaving the birds shrieking and agitated.  It has all settled down.  It was amazing to watch.

Last week, my daughter had acquired a whole tray of plums, and offered me some.  I got up at lunch time and processed them for jam.  I found a recipe I haven't used before, which calls for the plums to be cut in half and covered with sugar overnight.  I chopped up 2kg of plums and put them into 2 x 2 litre ice cream containers and will freeze them tomorrow for a time when I feel up to making jam.  At least this way they won't be wasted.  Here is one of the buckets.

If the recipe works, I will post it up here, but you might have to wait a few weeks.
What I have been doing in the evenings is working on my "Lattice Lodge" cross stitch, which I blogged about here.  It was my February NewFO start with very little progress.  I took it with me to Queensland, but didn't achieve much because we were too busy.

It is on very fine aida cloth, which is making me struggle a bit, but it is progressing, albeit very slowly.  Thankfully my beautiful daughter gave me a magnifying glass with a built in LED light for my birthday.  What a prize!  It stands on the floor beside the chair I use in the living room, and when I don't need the magnifying glass, it still gives me wonderful bright light to sew by.  I have become very dependant on it.
When the clock ticks over to Sunday in the US, I am planning to link up this post with the Slow Stitching Sunday link, at Kathys Quilts.  Do go over and take a look at some of the other things people are doing.
Til next time.....Keep on stitching


  1. Hi Dasha, I hope you get well soon!! I love to watch storms roll in, and since we live in the desert they usually roll in and are gone in minutes as well. Take some extra vitamin c and get well! I am adding plum jam to my grocery list, I forgot how much I love it!! Thank you!!

  2. I hope you're feeling better, Dasha!

  3. Sure hope you heal up quickly. Do lots of relaxing stitching :)
    I would love to try those paper pieces... looks like fun!
    Thanks for sharing your progress with us!

  4. I hope youre feeling better. You have some lovely projects to keep you busy. Your Portsmouth Star looks wonderful. I hope your plum jam worked out.


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