Friday, 28 March 2014


In October 2008, I lost my cat Felix.  She wasn't a lovely cat actually, she was hyper-thyroidal, obsessive and neurotic, and worst of all, she peed absolutely everywhere - part of her nerves I was told.  I tried to love her, but it was hard.  When she died, I decided to give felines a bit of a break.  But in March the following year, I had a phone call from my daughter which went something like this:

"What are you doing on Saturday Mum?"
"Ummm, nothing I think, why?"
"I am taking you to the cat rescue place to get you a kitten"
"But, but, but....."

So Saturday rolled up and we set off with the three girls in the back, then aged 3, 5 & 8.  Poor Miss 8 squeezed in between two car seats in the back, and the cat cage in amongst all the feet.

The cat rescue place was about 45 minutes away, and really well set up.  There must have been at least 30 kittens there, black, white, brindled, every mix of every colour. 

Having had a dozen or so thrust at me in quick succession, I really didn't have much choice.  A teeny little grey & white kitty decided she was snuggling up to me and not letting go - she had made her decision.....

And so we piled into the car for the return journey.  The conversation was almost entirely made up of what to name the new kitty. Lots of names were bandied around, and everyone had their own opinion.  I think from memory I wanted to call her Rosie.  Almost home, and a tiny voice piped up from the back seat "Tibouchina", and again a minute or so later.  Miss 3 was actually pointing out the lovely purple trees which were blooming in profusion on the side of the road.
My daughter and I looked at each other and sang out "Tibby", in unison, and that is what Tibby has been ever since. 
And now you know how this story fits with the post heading.  Had you wondering didn't I?

March in and around where I am, is the month of luxurious splashes of wonderful purple - ranging from trees, through shrubs down to ground covers.  These are Tibouchinas, and you can read a bit about them here if you are interested.  If you Google, you will find loads of wonderful images.

This is across the road from my house.  It was a pathetic straggly thing last year, and my neighbour had given it a serious hair cut.  Just look at it now.  Absolutely splendid.

And this one is down our street a couple of houses.  Mine is tiny.  It has been in for a few years, but had a huge set back a year or so ago in the dry weather and almost died.  There are almost no flowers on it.  Hence the photos of the neighbours shrubs.  I also have a ground cover which is out at the moment, which is flowering nicely.

So, Til next time.....Keep on stitching


  1. Your Tibby is so cute. Sounds like she was meant to be a Tibby from the get go. I really enjoyed being introduced to a new plant/tree and what a lovely thing it is! I adore blue and purple flowers as they seem to glow at dusk. I really need to work on getting some more blue into the scheme of things around my yard, though I doubt these would be adaptable here, because I do not recall seeing any.

  2. Hi Dasha Tibby is so cute and I saw lots of those purple trees while staying with Chez,they are so beautiful to see.xx

  3. Tibby is beautiful! And a lovely name too :) Our Gypsy is now almost 18 and was the perfect cat until about 2 years ago when she began to have some health problems - to be expected of course. But it has been hard dealing with it and both my husband and I have said No More after she goes, at least for a while. A kitten could always change my mind of course :)

  4. That is the sweetest story. Little kitties are so sweet, and I love that she chose you :) I'm allergic, sadly, and can't have cats. That blooming plant is gorgeous -- reminds me of big azaleas here, or rhododendron. What a purple blast!


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